Can I go to the ring during the flow of people?

Nowadays, most women will choose in -palace for contraception, safe, reliable, and avoiding the lives of husband and wife who affect normal husband and wife.More and more women will ask the ring before childbirth, so that there is no need to surgery.Can I go to the ring after the flow of people? Let’s take a look at what gynecologists say.

Experts can go to the ring after introducing the flow of people to avoid accidental pregnancy caused by accidental pregnancy, but doctors have to be checked before they can be placed.In addition to the flow of the ring, there are also the following periods that are also more suitable for placing the birthplace.

1. Place immediately after childbirth: Clicter section or normal delivery of vaginal placenta after childbirth is immediately placed after delivery.It can make it easy to place surgery, and can implement contraceptive measures in time. However, it is required to be placed after being permitted by obstetricians, and the precautions are explained clearly.

2. Placement when menstruation is not clean: 3 to 5 days of menstrual tide is placed. There are three benefits during this period. One is that the uterine mouth is loose and easy to put in.The second is that when you have just come, you can exclude pregnancy and will not mistake the ring into the uterus that is already pregnant.The third is to avoid the concerns and inconvenience caused by a small amount of bleeding caused by women after leaving the ring.

3. Place it when menstruation is clean: 3-7 days after menstruation is clean, it is better to release the ring of sexual life, because at this time, the endometrium has just begun to grow, and the endometrium is thin, and bleeding can be avoided when placing.

4. Placement during postpartum inspections: Place the birthplace of the birthplace at the same time as a health check in postpartum. At this time, the advantage of placing is that the mouth of the palace is relatively loose, the uterus has returned to normal size, and contraceptive measures can be implemented in time to facilitate women’s lives.

Through the above introduction, I believe that female friends have some understanding of the Shekuan, and hope that the above content will help you.It is recommended that female friends who do not plan to have children in the near future can go to the hospital for surgery to avoid accidental pregnancy.

Three major technical advantages of painless upper ring surgery:

Advantage 1: Safety and pain.Pain -free upper ring surgery enables patients to experience the process unknowingly, avoiding psychological fear and physical pain.

Advantages 2: Simple surgery, minimally invasiveness.Painless upper ring has a small side effect. Occasionally, the ring is in the early stage of the loop, which is symptoms such as backache, abdominal discomfort, and other symptoms, but as time is prolonged, these symptoms will disappear by themselves.The effect is reliable and the possibility of successful success.

Advantage three: long contraception.The in-palace can be placed for 10-15 years. Due to poor elasticity, small support, and easy deformation of the plastic ring, it can also be placed for about five years.When you need to give birth, take out the in -palace -saving device, and you can quickly pay it as soon as possible.

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