Can I get pregnant with breast cancer?When is the best?Here is the answer you want

In recent decades, the incidence of breast cancer in China has increased, and it has shown a trend of younger.Data show that the age of breast cancer of Chinese women is 10 to 15 years earlier than Western women.

When many women suffer from breast cancer, they still have no menstrual, or even young people who have not been given birth, or their mother who intend to have a second child.Can these women still get pregnant after experiencing various treatments?

When patients with breast cancer are treated, various therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and endocrine therapy are often undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and endocrine therapy.Many treatment methods do have an impact on the fertility ability of patients with breast cancer.

For example, the most commonly used drugs in endocrine therapy are his Moqifen. Animal studies have shown that the use of him for a long time has the risk of increasing the incidence of fetal malformations and increasing incidence of breast tumors. ThereforeMoqifen endocrine therapy.

For another example, chemotherapy can cause temporary or permanent amenorrhea.After the treatment, whether the menstrual recovery varies from person to person. The older the age, the lower the probability of recovery.It is also chemotherapy. Taking different medicines, the impact of the fertility ability of patients with breast cancer will also be different.For example, the effect of chemotherapy drugs, such as cyclopensimamide, will have a greater effect on fertility.

Therefore, doctors generally recommend treatment first and then find a way to get pregnant. After all, the sooner the cancer is treated, the greater the chance of cure.

Is it possible for breast cancer to recur after pregnancy after surgery?

In this regard, Zhang Anqin, chief physician of the Department of Breast Department of the Department of Breitnor of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Guangdong Province, explained that there have been long studies abroad that the fetal antigen produced during pregnancy can re -activate the mothers’ immunity to identify and kill potential tumor cells.Hormone and HCG can also inhibit the growth of tumor cells. It can be seen that pregnancy can inhibit evil changes to a certain extent, that is, pregnancy does not increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

However, the timing of pregnancy must be selected.

In this regard, Zhang Anqin gave his suggestions:

Patients with advanced breast cancer or high-risk breast cancer, it is recommended to have no recurrence and re-pregnancy after 3-5 years after treatment;

At the beginning of the onset, patients with low recurrence risk, considering pregnancy 2 years after treatment.

Patients with endocrine therapy, if there is a pregnancy plan, when the condition is stable, start pregnancy 3 months after interrupt treatment.Continue treatment before pregnancy.

Of course, the above is only a general situation. Whether you can get pregnant and when to get pregnant, you must also determine the physical condition of the patient.

As mentioned earlier, chemotherapy will lead to amenorrhea. How should patients with breast cancer who are intended to be pregnant after treatment?

In terms of protecting fertility, the most commonly used method is to use Nolene to inhibit ovarian function during chemotherapy, so that it is dormant. After the treatment is over, Nore is discontinued to restore ovarian recovery function.Studies have shown that the use of Nore during chemotherapy to protect the ovaries can reduce the risk of premature ovarian failure.

Another method is to remove the seeds for use, including fertilized egg freezing, ovarian female cell frozen, ovarian tissue frost, etc.

However, ovulation requires ovulation and other operations, and ovarian tissues need to perform laparoscopic surgery.These will take up for a while, slowing down the treatment of breast cancer.In addition, there are great differences between different regions and hospitals that can be legally provided. For example, in some places, they can only provide egg retrieval for infertile couples, and unmarried girls cannot participate.

Therefore, patients who intend to ask their children to discuss with the doctor and find a smooth and feasible pregnancy method.””””

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