Can I get pregnant?Right

Many women think that the period of menstruation is a safe period, and at this time, the same room will not be pregnant.However, this is not the case. In the end, you must tears falling!In fact, it is possible to get pregnant during menstruation, but the chance is relatively small.There are many examples of pregnancy in the same period in real life, so female compatriots cannot be taken lightly even during menstruation!Whenever, it is necessary to take safety measures.

Will you get pregnant during menstruation

Most people believe that no eggs are discharged during menstruation, so sperm and eggs cannot be combined, so that they will not get pregnant.But this is just theoretically, but it will actually be different.Because irregular ovulation may occur, eggs may be excreted before and after menstruation, and men’s sperm can survive in women for 3 days, so that the ejaculation can be combined to form fertilized eggs.

In addition to irregular ovulation, if women’s menstrual cycle is short, ovulation will begin shortly after the end of menstruation, and sperm can survive in women for about 3 days. If the eggs are excreted during the sperm survival, then it is likely to be very likelyCombined into fertilized eggs.Therefore, even during menstruation, you can’t care about it, and the safety measures to be done are still done.

The editor here reminds that in vitro radon is also very dangerous.Because men will flow out of semen in sex, this small part of semen is enough to make women pregnant.Even during menstruation, if men’s sperm vitality is strong, it will easily cause pregnancy.Faced with pregnancy, women must not have a chance, and contraception is necessary.

Menstrual period to sexual life

The doctor’s suggestion is that it is best not to have room during menstruation.Because women’s physical resistance decreases during menstruation, at this time, the same room can easily bring bacteria outside the vagina into the vagina, causing bacterial infections, and will also be accompanied by fever, increased menstrual blood, and prolonged menstruation.

During the menstruation, the same room will flow to the abdominal cavity, causing the endometrium abnormal level, and stimulating uterine contraction, causing the fragments of the endometrium to enter the pelvic cavity, causing women to produce anti -sperm antibodies, which hinders pregnancy in the future.

The harm of the same room during menstruation is extremely great. The female compatriots must be cautious, and they must not be greedy for a heavy price for a moment!Female compatriots should keep in mind this. The harm of the same room during menstruation cannot be underestimated. At the same time, let your sexual partner understand and get his understanding.

As mentioned above, it is still possible to get pregnant during menstruation, but even so, we still do not recommend that female compatriots in the same room during menstruation, so that women’s physical damage is greatly harmful. Please cherish your body and eliminate the same room during menstruation.

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