Can I get pregnant?In terms of division in several cases

"Hello doctor, I am 29 years old this year. Last year, I always felt weak, sweaty, painful in the neck, and often felt irritable. I also declined with weight and became thinner. Then I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after I went to the hospital for examination.I have been treated with drugs. A few days ago, my boyfriend proposed to me, but I was a little worried, would I ask if I can get pregnant? "

Is it a hot problem about whether you can get pregnant?Whether the hyperthyroidism can be pregnant is actually divided into the following two situations:

1. The chance of women’s pregnancy is not great.If there is no control of hyperthyroidism, the chance of pregnancy will decrease, and it may not be easy to conceive.

Because hyperthyroidism does not only appear in women, men also have hyperthyroidism, and men and women are the same in pregnancy.Hyperthyroidism will cause poor quality of sperm and eggs, and may also cause the quality of male sperm to decrease. Under the condition of hyperthyroidism, the quality of the eggs will decrease, resulting in a decline in the chance of a successful embryo.

However, under the control of hyperthyroidism, the patient’s chance of pregnancy has the opportunity to recover.

2. Can women get pregnant?Generally speaking, it is necessary to judge according to the specific circumstances. If it is not controlled by hyperthyroidism, it is recommended not to get pregnant.The main reason is that hyperthyroidism itself may affect the fetus, which increases the chance of death, abortion, deformity, etc.In addition, if the condition of hyperthyroidism is not controlled, it will have a great impact on the mother.Eatsometer, hypertension or abortion, or even secondary complications.

There are two other situations, you can consider pregnancy:

1. Patients have hyperthyroidism but want to get pregnant. In the case of urgent cases, they can consider surgery.After three months of surgery, go to the review. Without recurrence, the patient can consider pregnancy.

2. Patients should first control the indicators as much as possible when they can get pregnant.The thyroxine level T3T4 and free T3T4 should not be too high. Under normal levels, and the drug has entered the maintenance dose, you can consider pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor and under the monitoring.”””””

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