Can I get maternity insurance and maternity allowances after leaving?turn out to be….

Many mothers in the workplace face some problems. Can I receive maternity insurance after leaving?The maternity leave is over, but no one at home brings a baby. After the maternity leave, you resign after maternity leave. Can you still receive a fertility allowance?Today, I will tell you related issues uniformly, hoping to help you.


Can I receive maternity insurance after leaving pregnancy?

After leaving, you can receive maternity insurance. If the resignation leads to social security, you cannot receive maternity insurance.If the production of female employees is interrupted in the month of the production of the female employees, she does not enjoy medical insurance benefits.Performance allowances must be in the state of preservation. If the fertility allowance has not yet come down, or the social payment is caused by the resignation, the maternity insurance is not in the insurance state at this time.Around the month.

If the interrupted payment is less than 3 months, after re -entry the insurance payment, enjoy the basic medical insurance and fertility treatment of employees in accordance with regulations, and do not enjoy treatment during the interruption.If the continuous payment is less than one year, the person to be used to pay the basic medical insurance premiums of the employee for the employee’s basic medical insurance premiums for one year, and the female employee’s maternity allowance will be issued by the employee’s basic medical insurance fund.

In other words, the new insurance and interrupt payment of more than 3 months of re -insurance employees can enjoy the reimbursement of the basic medical insurance and maternity medical expenses of employees in accordance with regulations.In addition, if the spouse who participates in the maternity insurance male employees does not employ, the family planning policy stipulates and has not enjoyed other maternity medical treatment, and enjoy a maternity subsidy of 2150 yuan.


Can I still get the childbirth allowance after leaving?

After applying for a maternity allowance, the employee can receive it normally. As long as the reimbursement conditions related to maternity insurance are met, workers can apply for reimbursement according to law, which is not directly related to whether the workers leave.

Article 53 of the Social Insurance Law: Employees shall participate in maternity insurance, and employers shall pay maternity insurance premiums in accordance with national regulations, and employees shall not pay maternity insurance premiums.

Article 54: If the employer has paid maternity insurance premiums, the employees enjoy maternity insurance benefits; the employee’s unlimited spouses enjoy the treatment of maternity medical expenses in accordance with national regulations.The required funds are paid from the maternity insurance fund.Maternity insurance benefits include maternity medical expenses and maternity allowances.

Garprint allowances must be in the state of preservation.If the fertility allowance has not come down, it needs to wait, because it takes 2 months from the application for fertility to be confirmed.What needs to be reminded is that the maternity allowance is sent to the company’s account, not to you.


Can you get maternity allowance after taking maternity leave?

Although the social security system clearly stipulates that employers have the obligation to help employees pay maternity insurance.But this does not mean that you can enjoy welfare benefits such as maternity allowances.

So, how can I get maternity allowances after maternity leave?Generally speaking, the following three conditions must be met: receiving fertility allowances:

1. Maternity insurance must continue to pay more than 12 months or more

2. The insured must be the state of insurance, not the state of disconnection

3. Requirement must comply with the fertility regulations of the national plan

However, the resignation of maternity leave will not only make social security in a state of disconnection, but also be careful of your company to detain your fertility allowance.

Maternity insurance is an exclusive benefits for professional women. Before I recommend that you have a baby, you should understand it in multiple parties and find out the situation.Without affecting the body, do not resign during pregnancy and maternity leave, let alone interrupt maternity insurance.

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