Can I exercise during pregnancy?Will you move your fetal gas?How to exercise fitness during pregnancy?

Many pregnant ladies and expectant mothers have a question: Can you fit up during pregnancy!IntersectionIntersectionCan you fit during pregnancy!IntersectionIntersectionCan you fit during pregnancy!IntersectionIntersectionDo you eat and sleep every day, watching fat?Especially some people with sports and fitness habits, raising a fat is uncomfortable …

Today I have compiled some issues on fitness exercises during pregnancy. Don’t be tangled after reading it ~

As the saying goes, the most afraid of "tire gas" is the most afraid of being dry during pregnancy?

Experts from Zhejiang University School of Medicine said: First of all, pregnant women need a certain amount of exercise, but the form of exercise is different in early, middle, and late pregnancy.For example, squats, high -level drops, dumbbells, and other fitness actions are not forced by abdomen, but exercise the legs and backs, so these fitness movements have little effect on the baby."

First of all, exercise and fitness during pregnancy can promote gastrointestinal motility and improve constipation. It can improve common symptoms such as edema, excessive physical quality, and pain in back pain, and can also improve sleep quality.

Secondly, exercise and fitness during pregnancy is conducive to maintaining body sugar metabolism and fat metabolism.If the functional exercise of potting bottom muscle tissue may shorten the output, increase the success rate of vaginal delivery, reduce the rate of cesarean section, at the same time reduce the incidence of urinary incontinence after vaginal delivery, and promote postpartum body recovery.

In addition, the exercise during pregnancy can help improve the emotions of pregnant women, enhance self -confidence, increase satisfaction with self -expression, and reduce the risk of postpartum depression.

However, a warm reminder should be reminded: Before exercise, pregnant women should be checked in the standards of obstetrics and internal medicine to understand the basic heart, lung function and energy metabolism.

At the beginning of the article, it is mentioned that the form and amount of movement should be adjusted according to the early, middle, and late stages of pregnancy, but basically most pregnant women can do as follows:

Remember that all exercise needs to be under professional guidance, especially those who have no coach guidance and have no fitness experience. If you do not standard, you will hurt your body.Those who have fitness experience also need to have professional guidance and take care of it, because you don’t know how much your strength is at this time, and your own state is not as good as when you are not pregnant.

In fact, there are still a lot of exercise that can be done. In the later period, the early, middle, and late fitness articles are sorted out for everyone.

The most basic thing just said is under professional guidance. In addition, what you need to pay attention to, as shown in the figure below:

In summary, the appropriate and moderate exercise during pregnancy is very beneficial to expectant mothers and fetuses. It also needs to be adjusted according to the physical condition of the expectant mothers, so it can be moved during pregnancy ~

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