Can I do housework after pregnancy?Remember that three types of housework are best not to do, both are harmful to the mother and child



When a woman is pregnant, she will always avoid some rough work subconsciously. However, some housewives have become a habit because they do housework. When they do not do housework, they will be uncomfortable.Great danger.

Xiao Wu was the same at the beginning, but when she tasted the suffering, she found that some housework really had to avoid it, or she simply did not do it.

At that time, Xiao Wu was pregnant for about seven months, and his stomach was very drag. Generally speaking, the family also tried to let her touch her family work, but Xiao Wu was born to be born.The family members have persuaded to listen several times.

For this reason, Xiao Wu also paid a very heavy price, because he accidentally stepped on other clothes when packing clothes, because the focus of pregnancy was not particularly balanced, so he fell to the ground at once.Just fall.

As soon as he fell, Xiao Wu was so scared that he cried directly. Fortunately, her husband returned and quickly took Xiao Wu to the hospital, which made Xiao Wu and the child save his life.

This painful experience made Xiao Wu feel sad. The doctor also told Xiao Wu’s family that the three types of housework of housework after pregnancy must not do it. Remember to avoid it from a distance, don’t touch it, otherwise it will be harmful to the mother and child.

①The weight

Because when it comes to heavy objects, it is not only the strength of the arm, but even the abdomen is also using the strength, then this process may cause pregnant women to affect the safety of the fetus due to excessive abdomen.It is impossible to maintain a balance and fall easily, so pregnant women should reduce weight.

② Housework that needs to bend over

Some housework requires pregnant women to be bent over, but such housework should avoid far away, because such housework may involve the abdomen at any time. From the front, we also know that the abdomen is best to keep a static state. Don’t casually do it at will.Making exercise affects the abdomen, so this type of housework should be reduced, or do not do it directly.

③ Clean housework

Cleaning housework seems simple, but it is necessary to use a lot of disinfectant or laundry solution. This kind of thing is actually not good for the fetus, and sometimes it will even affect the inlet nose. ThereforeWaiting for the child to be born, avoid the fetus and pregnant women being threatened by chemical agents.

It can be seen that pregnant women need to avoid many housework when they are pregnant. So what kind of help can the family can provide during this period to allow pregnant women to better settle their fetuses and nourish their children.

1. Take the initiative to help do housework

Although the work is very hard, in fact, pregnant women and mothers are more hard. For their safety, their husbands or other family members should take the initiative to help do housework when they go home or at home, so as to help pregnant women’s mother’s physical safety and health, so that they can make them allow themThe child is born.

2. Help pregnant women to do some exercise

You need to know that a good constitution can better help the child to give birth, but if pregnant women have been lying, it is easier to affect production because of the decline in physical fitness. Therefore, family members can take pregnant women to do some lightweight and simple exercise to allow pregnant womenThe body gets exercise at any time, which greatly increases the safety probability of production.

3. Nutrition must be taken into account

For pregnant women, production is a hard work. Therefore, nutrition must be balanced, and it must not be partial oil or sugar or other bad ingredients.Body.

What housework can I do after pregnancy?If you want to tell the truth, naturally you can do it without doing it, because in the very time pregnant women need a healthy recuperation and safe environment, so the family is best to give pregnant women more help during this period to help pregnant women and mothers healthy healthy manner healthilyGive birth of a baby.

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