Can I continue to breastfeed after breastfeeding?

Many novice mothers will ignore breastfeeding contraception, thinking that they will not get pregnant without a holiday during breastfeeding, so they do not take any contraceptive measures. As a result, they are pregnant with Erbao accidentally.At this time, there was a series of problems that tangled and had headaches for Baoma: Can Dabao continue breastfeeding?Will continue feeding will induce Baoma prematurely … How is it good?

What will have impact on the baby during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, breastfeeding can continue to provide nutrition and antibodies for Dabao, meet Dabao’s psychological needs, maintain stability of life, reduce the pressure of caregivers, and reduce the problem of milk production of Bao Ma.

After 6 months of birth, the baby started adding supplementary food. It is not because breast milk is not nutritious, but because the baby’s demand for breast milk is getting higher and higher. Breast milk cannot fully meet the baby’s growth needs.Although Dabao may still want to eat breast milk, breast milk is no longer the only source of the baby or the main source of nutrients.The taste of milk when Bao Ma is pregnant will change slightly slightly. The baby’s attention and the needs of the mother’s soothing can be transferred by other toys or playing. Various factors allow many babies to reduce the number of breast milk.During this period, milk no longer eats milk.

The healthy and nutritious Baoma can continue to breastfeed during pregnancy. Dabao’s breastfeeding time can be determined according to whether Baoma has medical reasons or naturally breast milk.If Dabao does not have milk after birth, the premise of satisfying Erbao’s nutrition priority, two babies can breastfeed at the same time.

Will breastfeeding cause Bao Ma prematurely?

Even if the mothers do not breastfeed during pregnancy, uterine contraction (such as sexual life during pregnancy) will occur, and the contraction brought by breastfeeding is relatively small.So far, there is no relevant report in danger of breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Consider the medical reasons that no longer continue breastfeeding during pregnancy:

1) Pain shrinking pain, vaginal bleeding;

2) There is a history of premature birth;

3) When the pregnancy process, the mother’s body continues to lose weight.

Pay attention to breastfeeding during pregnancy. Some mothers feel unwell due to hormones during pregnancy during breastfeeding. They can improve milk -containing improvement, or make the baby lighter, and eat shorter time.After production, nipple discomfort caused by pregnancy will disappear.

How to breastfeed during breastfeeding?

1. Need extra break during pregnancy

When breastfeeding, it will help your baby to feed your baby in your posture will help you get an additional rest and arrange a room that meets the safety requirements of the baby. Lying on the ground or on the board bed to

2. Adjust the baby’s milk position

Some mothers may become sensitive during pregnancy.Carefully adjust the position of the baby’s milk will help.If you feel tired of feeding your baby, breathing skills can also bring help.If the baby is able to communicate enough, you can tell him or she eats less or less for a while.This will help protect sensitive nipples and relieve your fatigue.

3. Observe whether the milk is enough to drink

90%of the mammal mother during pregnancy will be reduced by milk, but it is not absolute.But pay attention to the body’s reaction when sucking, and stop in time.Women who breastfeed during pregnancy often find that the amount of milk will be reduced during four or five months of pregnancy.If the baby who eats milk is still less than one year old, he has to observe his weight growth to determine whether he has eaten enough milk.

Some mothers will change their milk during pregnancy.These changes may promote larger babies to reduce the number of breast milk, or completely 离.

4. Storage of breast milk

In the case of your physical permission, properly store breast milk to prepare for the reduction of possible milk.

If the mother is breastfeeding during pregnancy, this is also a gift for the second child.Because the breastfeeding process is likely to be easier, there is no need to face problems such as breast milk that is extremely difficult, because the mothers’ breasts have always been in a relatively smooth state.

At the same time, breastfeeding during pregnancy is also a process of constantly establishing a sense of security for Dabao, so that Dabao can quickly accept the arrival of his younger siblings after giving birth, and reduce negative emotions such as jealousy.

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