Can I apply lipstick during pregnancy?Can’t the big belly lady be beautiful?"We" helped you have a lot of thunder!

How to skin care during pregnancy?Can you use makeup products?How should I wear my body during pregnancy?I believe that the little fairy during each pregnancy is more or less confusing.Jiangsu Satellite TV’s interactive pregnancy life reality show "Our 仨" This week’s program specially invited experts and teachers to answer their doubts and provide pregnant women with the most professional and reliable girls.

Ye Yiqian admits to regret during pregnancy,

Every time in life can be beautiful

Women love beauty. There is a saying that "every woman’s life is a war about beauty." Cosmetics are our weapons and armor.Nao men may not understand why women care so much about dressing?Some people say that women are pleasing to themselves, but women carefully dress up are not just for the eyes of others, but more often for themselves.Skin care, makeup, putting on clothes with makeup, and seeing the beautiful self in the mirror, you will feel good.

But what about pregnancy?Many pregnant mothers worry that skin care products and cosmetics not only hurt the skin, but also hurt the baby in the belly, so I dare not use anything.But do you know, experts point out in the show that you should pay more attention to skin care during pregnancy.Because pregnant women are pregnant during pregnancy, the skin may grow acne due to rising hormone levels during pregnancy.In this period, it is necessary to take more care of the skin in order to make the skin the best.It should be noted that pregnant mothers need to use correct skin care products and cosmetics during pregnancy.

Ye Yiqian admits: I feel very ugly during pregnancy, and a photo is not left.Just like Ye Yiqian, many pregnant mothers are very unconfident about their appearance during pregnancy, but every stage of life is worthy of commemoration.Therefore, "We" prepared the "Beautiful Battle" classroom for pregnant mothers, so that the pregnant mothers and the prospective dads left beautiful memories together.

Beautiful battle,

Who is not a beautiful little fairy?

The beautiful classroom prepared by the Pregnant Mom Mom Daddy is not only skin care and beauty, but also clothing during pregnancy. Just like Ye Yisian said, pregnant mothers are very tangled about the choice of clothes during pregnancy.I want to be more beautiful, but I also know that there are few pregnant women in this world to meet the requirements.The shape of the shape of pregnancy also makes many pregnant mothers unconfident, thinking that pregnancy is a sense of fashion.

However, with the help of our professional teachers in our good pregnant college, pregnant women can also wear a sense of fashion. Several pregnant mothers can be sweet and sexy, charming, and the good pregnant college has become a fashion show.The prospective dad saw his wife’s dress show, so surprised that he couldn’t speak, as if returning to love again when he was in love.

Yangtze Evening News reporter Zhang Yan

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