Can fallopian tube adhesion still conceive naturally?

Fallopian tube adhesion is a common disease, which is more common in young women and can easily lead to female infertility.

Under normal circumstances, if the ovaries of female patients have no abnormalities, they can ovulate normally, the fallopian tube has egg retrieval function, and the sperm and egg can be pregnant normally.So, can you still get pregnant when the fallopian tube adhesion?

Infertility experts pointed out: Generally speaking, patients with tubal adhesion cannot be pregnant smoothly.Women with tubal adhesion, if the fallopian tubes are completely adhered, there will be no chance of pregnancy; if it is only partial adhesion, although it is possible to get pregnant, it is easy to cause ectopic pregnancy, which is what we call "ectopic pregnancy".

Women with tubal adhesions cannot be pregnant without effective treatment. If they are not cured for a long time, the scope of adhesion will continue to expand.If it is particularly serious, remove the fallopian tube and cause permanent damage to the patient.In addition, tubal adhesion is caused by inflammation, and inflammation will affect other organs.For example, inflammation will spread to the ovarian, ovarian inflammation can affect ovulation function; inflammation spreads to the uterus, which will affect the implantation of fertilized eggs, and also cause women to be unable to get pregnant and have children.

Infertility experts reminded that tubal adhesion is a common gynecological disease and one of the important reasons for female infertility.Female patients should better understand this disease.Once the disease exists, go to a regular hospital for treatment in time to avoid missing the best treatment time.

There are two ways to diagnose fallopian tube adhesion, one is the uterine fallopian tube angiography, and the other is laparoscopic examination.

If the diagnosis is the previous method, please check the X -ray film of the obstetrics and gynecologists, clarify the parts and degree of the adhesive, and formulate a preliminary treatment plan according to the results of the X -ray film.If the adhesion is mild, natural conception is possible, because there are two fallopian tubes, as long as one of them is sound, it is possible to get pregnant; if the test results show that surgery is required, surgery is required.

The main reasons for fallopian tubes are: in -palace surgery, such as loops or biroscope, poor disinfection of reproductive organ surgery, which may cause postoperative infection.Many abortion or postpartum inflammation, women are weak after birth, and they are not closed after cervical expansion, which is prone to infection.Some patients do not follow the doctor’s advice after surgery, do not pay attention to personal hygiene after surgery, or do not pay attention to menstruation and sexual life hygienic, bacterial uplifting infections, causing pelvic inflammatory disease.

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