Can expectant mothers use lipstick during pregnancy?


Love beauty is the nature of every woman. Even if it is pregnancy, it is no exception, but it will inevitably worry about affecting the baby. Therefore, it is very careful when using cosmetics.Does it affect a subject?

Lipstick contains oil, waxy, pigments, etc.Oil is wool fat, which is a natural animal fat, which is refined and recovered from the waste liquid of rinsing wool.It can penetrate into human skin, with strong adhesive, and can adsorb the dust, various metal molecules, bacteria and viruses in the air. After entering the body through the mouth, the resistance will be infected.Among them, toxic, harmful substances, and bacteria and viruses can also threaten the fetus through the placenta.Passing lipstick for a long time will also cause the lip red tissue to be excessively keratinized, the lips are dry, red and itchy, severe cases, and even cause peripheral inflammation and lip allergies.Once it occurs, it will affect the health of pregnant women and then affect the growth and development of the fetus.

In the spring, our lips will be more dry, so we will think of using lipstick to protect our lips, but when you are pregnant, you can use lipstick and are afraid of the baby in the stomach. I don’t know if you are pregnant with a child lipstick?Do you have this confusion in this area? Let’s see how the article introduces it.

Any form of lipstick has an impact on the fetus

First of all, whether it is lipstick, lip gloss, lip gloss, lip frozen, lipstick, it is composed of various oils, waxes, pigments and spices.It contains a certain impact on the human body, especially the fetus.Existing foreign studies have found that the commonly used pigments in lipsticks, a red powder called acid -based eloquent, can damage the genetic information of people and cause fetal distortion.

Lip balm is not safe

Many expectant mothers believe that lip balm does not contain pigment, and it should be much more assured to use.actually not.The fat in the lip balm is mainly wool fat. Although it is natural animal fat, it has strong adsorption. It can absorb all kinds of heavy metal trace elements that are harmful to the human body in the air.Waiting for microorganisms to pose a threat to fetal health through placenta.These dusts, bacteria, viruses, etc. can not only penetrate through the lip mucosa, but also be more likely to bring into the human body when drinking water and eating, which is not good for mothers and fetuses.Then, then

However, there are lipsticks specially used by pregnant women, which are safe and natural and non -added. This kind of skin care products specializing in pregnant women understand more feminine hearts, and more people with beauty.Like pro -lipstick, it is very safe for pregnant women.

In addition, applying lipstick for a long time will also cause dry lips, dandruff, and even cause lipitis and lip allergies.The expectant mother painted a lipstick to the hospital for a birth check, and it would hinder the doctor’s judgment.

Be a safe lip spa!

It is recommended that prospective mothers usually use natural vitamin E, olive oil or honey to moisturize their lips, and apply a layer of plastic wrap to make a lip SPA! If you catch the winter during pregnancy, you can wear a mask when you go out and you are afraid of drying.Keep the temperature and humidity of the lips.

Make a SPA with your lips.

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