Can expectant mothers make up during pregnancy?

You can make up during pregnancy. Most cosmetics will hardly be absorbed into the body through the skin, which will not cause damage to pregnant mothers and fetuses.As long as it is currently qualified makeup products in the Chinese market, it is generally safe during pregnancy.

Try to use the cosmetics used before

It is best to use cosmetics that have been used before during pregnancy, because these products have undergone physical "testing". If you change new products, you may have stimulus to the skin, respiratory tract, eyes and other parts, bringing unnecessary trouble.

You can apply lipstick normally during pregnancy

You can apply lipstick or lipstick during pregnancy.Because some of the lipstick will inevitably be eaten into the mouth, the state has strict requirements on the composition of lipstick, including the content of heavy metals and the types of preservatives. Thereforecan.If you are worried, you can wipe off your lipstick before eating.

Protecting the sunscreen before makeup is recommended to choose physical sunscreen

Physical sunscreen directly covers the skin to sunscreen, which is relatively safe, while the composition in chemical sunscreen will have a chemical reaction on the skin surface and sunlight, which may cause stimulation to the skin.

The ingredients of physical sunscreen are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, and the composition of chemical sunscreens generally contains diophenone and various ingredients with the words "two", "l "," benzene ".Essence

Homemade and pure natural products are not equal to certain safety

There are many so -called "self -made" products on the market, such as lipstick, soap, etc., which are often advertised as pure natural, without preservatives and any chemicals, but often these products have not been guaranteed by strict quality inspection, their own quality cannot be guaranteed.The ingredients are not very clear, and it is difficult to be trusted in the cleanliness and shelf life, so don’t try it easily during pregnancy.Similar to the principle of choosing skin care products, pay attention to select regular big names.

Pay attention to makeup removal

Pregnant mothers remember to remove makeup carefully before going to bed. When makeup remover, it is recommended to prefer a mild and unwavering makeup remover, because the makeup remover cotton needs to be used during the use of makeup remover. The skin may damage the stratum corneum, making the skin more sensitive during pregnancy.

Makeup remover oil does not need to use a large range of cotton in the face, which can reduce the sensitization caused by rubbing the skin, and it is also good for waterproof makeup makeup remover. However, it should be noted that it should be rinsed with water after using cleansing oil.

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