Can eating walnuts "make up in shape"?DHA is "brain gold"?"Smart" food is true and false →

As the pace of urban life accelerates, the pressure of people’s work and learning has increased, and many brainpower workers have begun to embark on the long way to find the "artifact" of hard work.I often listen to the elders that eating more "smart" food can make up for the brain?Can walnuts really "make up in shape"?

First of all, let’s talk about the typical representative of "in shape" in "smart" food -walnuts.Walnuts are also known as walnuts and peaches. They are plants of Hoaoceae and are known as the world’s famous "four major dried fruits".Because it looks like the brain, it is respected by the folk as one of the first choice for the brain.

According to the "Chinese Food ingredients Table" and the food component data of the Ministry of Agriculture in the United States, 50 to 64 grams of fat per 100 grams of walnuts are unsaturated fatty acids, of which about 12%of alpha-linolenic acid.α-linolenic acid is a diversified unsaturated fatty acid with three double bonds, mainly a kind of omega-3 essential fatty acid. From a professional perspective, α-linolenic acid is the mother of 22 carbon acid (DHA).The composition of brain gray cells and retinal cells plays an indispensable role.

However, from the perspective of modern nutrition and life sciences, walnuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids are beneficial to brain development, but they do not be the same as it can improve IQ and enhance their learning and work ability.

Another thing to note is that walnuts, as a high -energy, high -fat food, are not beneficial to eat too much.Will eating pig brain really become smart?

There is also a well -known "brain" food in folk recipes, which is the pig brain.Depending on the theory of "What to eat and make up", will eating pig brain really become smarter?

You know, the pig brain does contain some nutrients, such as protein, phospholipids, vitamin B, iron and zinc, etc., which helps to maintain the function of the brain.But taking 100 grams of pig brain as an example, the content of these nutrients is not abundant compared to other foods, and it is surprising that the cholesterol content in the pig’s brain is as high as 2571 mg.

Therefore, friends who want to "replenish the brain" through the pig’s brain should be careful. It is likely that the beautiful desire of "replenishing the brain" has not been realized, but it increases the risk of the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially with hypertension, hyperglycemia, and high high blood sugar, and high blood sugar and high high blood sugar and high blood sugar and heightLiposia crowd, it is best to eat less pig brain.

Similarly, other animal brains, such as the food components of sheep and cowbones, are basically similar, they all have the characteristics of high cholesterol. It can be seen that eating more is not healthy.It seems that the animal brain is really unable to bear the responsibility of improving IQ.DHA is really "brain gold"?

For a long time, DHA has been touted by merchants as nutrients with magical brain -replenishment effects, which are popular.So, is DHA really so godly?The answer is not so beautiful.

To be sure, DHA has important physiological functions. From the pregnancy period of the mother’s pregnancy to the baby’s infantile period, the intake DHA is undoubtedly crucial to develop the rapidly developing brain and retina.Generally speaking, when we have a reasonable meal, supplement fish and other foods rich in DHA, we can transform into DHA in the body to meet the needs of development.

It is worth noting that the development of the brain has a key "window period". The role of DHA is generally limited to infants and young children, and it has no impact on adult brain.

From the official point of view, the European Food Safety Administration (EFSA) announced that only food manufacturers are allowed to marked DHA’s beneficial infant development, and they cannot claim that they can optimize infant and young brain development.Therefore, there is no need to excessive the role of DHA at all.And there are many types of lipid components in the brain. In addition to unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA, there are also phospholipids, sugar fat, etc., which also plays an important role in brain development.It can be seen that the brain cannot rely on a certain food alone, and the level of cleverness does not rely on these "brain artifacts".

Intellectuality is related to many factors such as inheritance, external environment and rich and balanced nutrition.The impact of genetics on intelligence is self -evident. The day after tomorrow’s living environment and study and education is the key to intellectual development, and a reasonable and balanced diet is the basis of brain development.

Therefore, don’t blindly improve the IQbao on the so -called "brain -replenishment" food.Rather than trying to "make up" a healthy and intelligent head, it is better to mobilize how to learn how to achieve a scientific and reasonable diet to escort the comprehensive development of the brain.Author 丨 Zhao Yanjun (Children’s Health Doctor in Shanghai Children’s Hospital) Editor 丨 Qianjiayue

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