Can drinking herbal tea be damp?Doctor: Many of these ingredients that can get rid of damp

Due to climatic reasons, many people have suffered from the problem of humidity. Therefore, Cantonese have also developed the habit of drinking herbal tea. There are still a lot of damp tea that are targeted at heavy moisture.Many people are used to drinking some.But can this really be simply and effective?Chen Yi, director of the Gynecology Department of the General Hospital of Guangdong Province, pointed out that this is one of the most common misunderstandings of dampness. In different seasons, the focus of dampness will be different, and it cannot be generalized.

Cantonese people love to drink herbal tea. Aiming at the problem of heavy moisture, a kind of damp tea is popular on the market. Many people drink some from time to time, thinking that they can achieve the purpose of preventing and controlling the weight of moisture.

However, in the opinion of Director Chen Yi, it is precisely the most need to avoid dampness. "Drinking herbal tea depends on physical fitness. Most of the damp tea on the market is mainly based on clearing heat and dampness.In terms of this part of the population, the food that eliminates dampness should be based on nourishing qi, dampness, and fragrant and dampness, otherwise there may be anti -effects.Suitable for foot therapy, and sweating is not suitable for patients with humid and humid constitutions. "

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation, so Director Chen Yi believes that although dampness does require spleen, different people’s methods of removing dampness are different. For example, the elderly often have kidney qi deficiency.Nourishing the kidneys, and pay attention to the maintenance of flat supplements.

When it comes to dampness dampness, in addition to drinking herbal tea, many people will also think of eating barley. Director Chen Yi said that barley is indeed an ideal ingredient for dampness, and unlike damp tea. In addition to women who are pregnant, most people are most people.You can use barley to remove dampness. "The easiest way to remove the dampness of barley is to cook barley mung beanose water, which is especially suitable for summer and damp weather."

In addition to barley, Director Chen Yi also introduced several effective damp -removing ingredients.In terms of recipes, Chixiaodou Catfish Soup is a more common dampness and food therapy. If the patient’s body deficiency needs to nourish the spleen and kidney at the same time, you can try to eat some Tu Fuling turtles. For the summer and wet weather in Lingnan areaOr kapok to cook porridge, and barley Huaiwan sugar water is a good choice. "

In terms of diet, Director Chen Yi also reminds everyone to pay attention to some diet taboos. For example, people with humid and humid constitutions should eat less fried heat and poison foods, and the physical constitution of cold and dampness is not suitable for eating cold and

At the same time, as far as women are concerned, Director Chen Yi told her family doctor to edit online that health care measures must be taken to avoid invasion from bottom to the bottom.If you want to prevent heavy moisture, you need to do a good job in the cleaning of the vulva. For example, if you change the panties and sanitary napkins, you must also take a bath. In the summer season, pay attention to keep the vulva dry and ventilated.Those too thick jeans. "

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Chen Yi: Director, chief physician, doctor of medicine, doctor, and famous Chinese medicine Professor Situ in the gynecology department of the General Hospital of Guangdong Province.

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