Can cats dream too?Reveal the cat’s sleep and dream

There is a short blue and white cat named Xiaoxin in my family. It has been adopted from my little friend and has been with me for more than five years.Xiaoxin is a very cute and smart cat. It will gently touch my face with its wet nose, indicating that it loves me deeply; it will use its soft paws to light me gentlyHands means it wants to play with me; it will stare at me with its bright eyes, indicating that it wants to talk to me.

My family Xiaoxin

Xiaoxin’s favorite thing is to sleep, and he is sleeping for about more than ten hours.Sometimes, when I see it, when I sleep, my eyelids are beating, their limbs are twitching, and their mouths make a "meow" sound.I am curious, what dream is it doing?What will it dream?Is its dreams the same as my dream?

To answer these questions, I started to consult some information about cat sleep and dreams.I found some very interesting and amazing facts that gave me a deeper understanding of Xiaoxin.

I found that cats can dream.Scientific research shows that all mammals will dream.In sleep, mammals’ brains need to organize and arrange images received during the day.Scientists have concluded that the mouse brain’s study. When doing intellectual games or maze testing, the level of activity of the mouse brain is similar to the level of activity measured during fast eye movement (REM sleep), which proves that they do dream.

So what is Rem sleep?Rem is the abbreviation of Rapid Eye Movement, which is a phenomenon of rapid eyeball movement when people fall asleep.During Rem’s sleep, the sleeping eyes move quickly, and the brain activity is similar to a sober state. At this time, there will be dreams.Young animals usually have more REM sleep than old animals. This is because they come into contact with a lot of new information every day, and it takes more time to deal with these.

In addition to REM sleep, there is another type of sleep type called non -rapid eye movement (NREM sleep).During NREM’s sleep, the brain will re -arrange the images seen during the day in dreams to better deal with and understand what you see.If it is difficult to understand, you can imagine the editing of different filming videos to edit and edit it, and finally create a storyline.When humans and pets really "watch" editors, during ReM’s sleep, the serotonin system of the human body will slow down at this time.The main task of serotonin is to control large muscle groups, so humans will be "paralyzed" during ReM’s sleep, but there will still be eyelid beating, feet shake, facial convulsions, etc. These are considered subtle movements.

Cat’s sleep cycle is different from humans.In humans, after a long time of awake, we will have 6-8 hours of sleep at night.Cats divide the number of times into small pieces.In a study of a 24 -hour sleep for cats, an average of 14.2 times (5 to 31 times) appeared by a 26 -minute sober and 79 -minute sleep.Sober-Sleep rhythm includes 22.5%of soberness, 22.7%sleepy, 39.3%non-rapid eye movement sleep, and 15.5%rapid eye movement sleep.According to these data, cats are likely to be awake at 20-30%of the day, and the remaining 70-80%of them are dozing or sleeping.

So what do cats dream?We can’t ask cats what they dreamed of, we can only infer, similar to us, they will dream of one day.If they see one bird or another cat outside, these pictures are likely to become a scene in their dreams.Maybe they will dream of you, giving them delicious dinner, and the pen or small bottle that they deliberately pushed down from the table when playing with you, just to see them falling!

Of course, cats cannot always have a happy dream.Like us, the dream of animals cannot always be happy or based on their real life.Nightmares are suspected to be a way for our brain to determine the best action solution, so as to avoid experience in dreams at a sober time.Our cats cannot dream of monsters or miss important things like us, but who knows?… Unexpectedly, they will also dream of oversized mice or see their own bowls of the bottom!

I remembered that Teacher Shen Shixi wrote a novel "Dream of Wolf King" about the dream of the wolf king, which described the mother wolf Zi Lan to have a beautiful and sad dream at the last moment of her life.She dreamed that when she was young, she met, love, accompany the wolf king, and the wolves they established together.She dreamed of her children, some of them became brave hunters, some became loyal partners, and some became new wolf kings.She dreamed of countless adventures and dangers experienced with the wolf king, how they survived and reproduced in the jungle.She dreamed that she and the wolf king farewell for the last time. They said goodbye with their eyes, and then the wolf king took her with the wolf group to find a new territory.She dreamed that she was waiting lonely in the cave to die. She missed the wolf king and the children, and she hoped to see them again.

Zi Lan’s dream makes me feel tears. I imagine that Xiaoxin will have similar dreams. It will dream of its loved ones and friends. It will dream of the happy time it spends with me.Dreaming of endless love for me.I hope Xiaoxin can always have a good dream, and I also hope to accompany it all the time to let it feel my warmth and care.

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