Can a tubal angiography be checked or treated?What’s the magic of it?

The fallopian tube is like a bridge that meets sperm and eggs. If the fallopian tube is blocked, it means that the cowherd (sperm) and the weaver (egg) cannot meet, and it will never be possible to form embryos, which will cause infertility.Once infertility is prepared, many women will check the fallopian tubes.So, many sisters are more confused about fallopian tubes, let’s take a look together!

The fallopian tubal angiography is to inject a contrast agent through the duct to the uterine and fallopian tubes. The X -ray diagnosis is used for X -ray perspective and camera. According to the exposure of the active in the fallopian tube and the pelvic cavityA method of inspection.

The reason why tubal angiography can be checked or treated is because the fallopian tubal angiography it can display the uterine cavity and fallopian tube shape, the block of the block, whether there is a fallopian tube water, etc., and can determine whether there is a pelvic adhesion according to the pelvic cavity of the consolidation agent.EssenceAt the same time, if it is slightly slightly adhesive, the fallopian tubal angiography can comb the adhesion and play a certain therapeutic role.

1. Clean menstruation within 3-7 days (requiring to make an appointment in advance, you can come to the hospital for 2-5 days after menstruation).

2. Different rooms after menstruation.

3. The leucorrhea inspection is normal.

In medical clinical practice, no women will increase the chance of fetal abnormalities in the month after the monthly fallopian tubal angiography.However, from the perspective of eugenics and safety, in order to ensure that everything is lost, the medical community still advocates that women are best to prepare for pregnancy after 2-3 months after receiving tubal angiography, and it is recommended to do pre-pregnancy examinations and prenatal examinations during pregnancy.

This is the most often questioned question.According to the case of the fallopian tube of each person and the sensitivity of each person’s pain, there is actually no fixed answer. According to the investigation, most people who have done it have said that it is not painful or as sour as menstruation.Only 4%of people who really can’t bear it.

In fact, if your fallopian tube is unobstructed, it may be a little uncomfortable during angiography, and it will not feel painful.If the fallopian tube is not allowed, there may be pain, but most women can tolerate it.

In addition to female infertility, infinement tube blockage can also lead to ectopic pregnancy. Once ectopic pregnancy occurs, milder may cause the fallopian tubes to be completely unreasonable.Go to the specialist hospital for examination and treatment immediately.


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