Can a cold during pregnancy affect the child’s hearing?Avoiding these things is a blessing. It is best to deal with a cold like this

Guide: What’s the matter with the fetus without response to hearing?What factors affect fetal hearing?What should I do if I have a cold during pregnancy?

Seeing a pregnant mother consultation said: 7 months of pregnancy have no response to the sound. Will the child be deaf when they have a cold in the early pregnancy?

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers become particularly sensitive and fragile. Will colds affect the baby’s hearing after pregnancy?Make pregnant mothers a little anxious.If it is just a cold, the cold itself does not affect the fetal hearing, but if you take the drug, you can reach a certain frequency and dose, which may affect the hearing of the fetus.

Let’s analyze this problem together, hoping to dispel the mother’s concerns.

The fetal no response should refer to two situations, one is the feeling of its own, and the other is hearing test.

1. Your own feelings:

The fetus has listening ability at 16 weeks and can hear the outside voice, but some fetuses will be sensitive, and some fetuses will be bigger.When you talk to him gently, he may like to listen quietly and will not make a lot of reactions.He may also be sleeping, not perceiving your voice.If he was awake, the outside voice was particularly loud, and when he disturbed him, he could respond to you with a kick.

2. Hearing test:

I have seen about the fetal hearing test experiment. For 30 minutes each test, there are two cases that the fetus responds: the fetal movement appears in 5 s after the sound stimulation;

In fact, the experimental results are affected by many factors.During testing, pregnant women must be comfortable, calm, and relaxed, and ensure that the fetus is sleeping. There are slight changes in pregnant women and fetuses, which will affect the test results.The abdominal wall, uterine wall, and amniotic fluid of pregnant women will be attenuated to the outside world. If there are too many abdominal muscles and the sound of the fetus hear is weak, there will also be no response state.The hearing test is still a challenging job. It can only be said that it is a high risk without response. It cannot be diagnosed as deafness. It also needs to be reviewed in the later period.

According to literature reports: One -third of deaf patients are caused by drugs.If pregnant mothers take some antibiotics, salicylates and non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs, cytotoxic drugs, anti -mold drugs, etc. during pregnancy during pregnancy, the possibility of deafness in the fetus will be relatively high.Therefore, the two colds must be confirmed whether it is taken to affect the fetal hearing.

In addition, noise pollution is also the cause of deafness. If pregnant mothers come into contact with about 85-95DB and 4KHz during pregnancy, the chance of fetal hearing damage is very high.At the same time, genetic, pregnancy infections, elderly pregnant women, and severe diseases may also lead to fetal deafness.

For these reasons that cause fetal hearing damage, self -examination: The use of drugs, the condition of contact with the noise, genetic, and other diseases can be excluded, and the problem is not large.

Colds are generally caused by wind and cold. Hormone secretion during pregnancy is more, and colds improve quickly. Generally, they can heal themselves for 3 days.If there is no symptoms that seriously affect the physical state of dizziness, fever, just runny nose, sneezing, etc., you don’t need to take medicine.Pay attention to rest, drink ginger soup, drink brown sugar water, pay attention to feet, etc. The body will quickly return to normal.

Ginger soup practice:

Prepare 3 slices of ginger, 3 petals, 3 onions, and white sugar.Add water to the small milk cooker, put it on the stove, open the fire, add the prepared ginger slices, garlic, green onion, brown sugar, and boil for 10 minutes.Drink it while it is warm.Take a good rest, and you will be full of vitality for a few days.

If the cold situation is particularly serious, do not sit at the sight, actively find a doctor for treatment, inform your pregnancy, take safe drugs, and relieve cold symptoms as soon as possible.

In short, 7 months of pregnancy have no response to the sound, and they cannot clearly judge the fetal deafness. They also need to find causes in many ways and treat them scientifically.What I have to do now is to care for your own body, maintain a pleasant mood, and let your baby grow up healthy.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client.) The second child Baoma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, multi -platform original author.Love children, love life, and are willing to share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, pay attention to me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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