Can a baby who takes contraceptive pills Xiaolan stay?

As soon as Xiao Lan looked sorrowful in front of me, the tears dripped a large and large one. It turned out that Xiao Lan took oral short -acting contraceptives for contraception after getting married. The menstruation has always been accurate.

Now I am ready to take a child. I did n’t take contraceptives last month. This month ’s aunt was postponed for 10 days. I did n’t get pregnant a few days ago. This morning, I used early pregnancy test strips to test. Two red bars, pregnant.When she was happy, someone told her that the child couldn’t want it to persuade her to have an abortion, she couldn’t bear it!But there was a little tangled, for fear that it would have an impact on the child.

Generally speaking, the menstruation is very regular during taking contraceptives. After stopping the contraceptive pills, the menstruation may occur in short time, especially the emergency contraceptives.

The composition of short -acting oral contraceptives is progesterone and a small amount of estrogen. These two hormones are high -efficiency hormones. After taking this drug, you can inhibit ovulation, adjust the menstrual cycle, and protect the uterus and protect ovarian.The metabolic time of short-acting contraceptives is about 7-10 days. After the contraceptive pill is stopped, if there is a pregnancy requirements, you can get pregnant after normal menstruation next month.Many women start ovulation within 2-4 weeks of stopping medication and restore normal reproductive cycles.At this time, it has no effect on the baby!

The ingredient of emergency contraceptives is Zuo Nuo progesterone. Generally, it can be metabolized in the body in about 3 days. The basic principle of contraceptive measures for Zuo Nonourone is to interfere with fertilization and does not cause fetal malformations.

If you are pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives, it proves that the fertilized eggs are not affected by the drug. If it is affected, there should be abortion and will not be pregnant.And the time for taking emergency contraceptives is generally within 30 days of menopause. This stage belongs to the effect of the effect of drugs on the fetus at all or in the fetus.If it is indeed an impact, abortion is generally occurred in the early stages of pregnancy.If it does not have an impact, most babies can stay normally.

In short, taking contraceptives has no effect on pregnancy. Whether it is short -acting oral contraceptive or emergency contraceptive, it has no effect on the next month’s pregnancy.There is no harm to children.

You can rest assured!

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