Calcium, iron, DHA, composite vitamins, how to eat these nutrients during pregnancy?where…

How to eat nutrients during pregnancy, which should be eaten, and which are not necessary.

How to eat nutrients during pregnancy?Do you always feel that others eat so many nutritional products during pregnancy? If you do n’t eat your baby, you will lose on the starting line.I tell you with the experience of two babies, in fact, it is not necessary.Priority is mainly food supplement.If you really want to eat, you will add the following four.

The first is folic acid.Starting from 3 months before pregnancy, I have been eaten until 3 months before pregnancy.Continue eating in the middle and late pregnancy can also meet the needs of the body.Here I recommend that you go to the hospital to do a test of folic acid metabolism before eating to avoid excessive or insufficient folic acid supplement.

The second is iron.After pregnancy, maternal and infants need to be made, especially mothers in the middle and late pregnancy are prone to iron deficiency and poverty. The iron replenishment is only started in the late pregnancy, and they are very anxious every day.Fortunately, the second child is more experienced, and I started ironing early.And if you don’t pay attention to it, it will affect the development of the fetus.I have always eaten this iron. It has a high iron content, and it is very fine powder inside.Orange taste.Eat 2 bags of 2 bags a day in the first trimester.I eat every day.At the same time, pregnant mothers need to focus on DHA.DHA helps the fetal brain neuropathy.But if you can eat two or three deep -sea fish a week, you don’t need to add extra.

Like I live in the north, I can’t eat deep -sea fish. I can try algae oil.It does not contain fish oil without fishy smell.The baby needs to absorb calcium from the mother’s body.If the mother’s own calcium is insufficient, the calf cramps, back pain, and osteoporosis will occur in the later stage.Therefore, calcium must be supplemented in the second trimester.

Like I eat this kind of milk calcium, compared to calcium carbonate, calcium glucose is higher in absorption. It is not easy to flatter if you eat too much.

Usually eating calcium with vitamin D can promote calcium absorption.But this calcium contains vitamin D3 and K2.So everyone pays attention to it itself contains vitamin D to avoid excessive replenishment.Be sure to look at its composition table before buying.multi-vitamins.In fact, in fact, in fact, in addition to the mothers who are more picky in daily life, there are no need to eat it in other circumstances, and they can be eaten through vegetables and fruits.And although there are many ingredients in one capsule, its content is very low, so don’t expect all nutrients to add all nutrients through such a small one, and its price is not cheap.I think it is better to add alone.

Finally, all nutritional products need to be supplemented in an appropriate amount.Here I post a latest reference map. You must buy it in the component table. In addition, everyone’s living habits and diet structure are different. You may not be missing if others lack.Your delivery doctor confirmed it again.

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