Business Conspiracy Milk #商 商 商 商 商 商

Business conspiracy milk.

I advocate that you go to the table from the table. As for other yogurt and fruit milk, you pay attention to the ingredient table and see how many additives inside.Traditional Chinese medicine is very opposed to adults drinking milk.The elderly are easy to fracture when drinking milk, because the calcium in the milk is completely different from the calcium in the human body.Not only will it not supplement calcium after drinking, but also will lose its own calcium.

From the perspective of Taoism, no animals will go back to drink its mother’s milk when they grow up.Children are pure yang, and milk is a particularly cold food.It happened that this pure yang limb encountered a combination of pure yin, just right, but children with poor spleen and stomach did not recommend drinking.Because people digest this kind of cold food will consume a lot of yang and energy.The elderly drinking milk is completely a business conspiracy.

The United States is the country with the most milk, but their osteoporosis is the number one in the world.Inner Mongolia people drink milk to neutralize hot beef and mutton. When drinking milk, put another handful of fried rice. I am afraid that it is too cold, so the Central Plains and the southern area are definitely not suitable for drinking milk.Your spleen and stomach can’t stand it at all.

Why does milk look thick and fragrant now?Because paper is added inside, the paper foam is something to make coffee partners, milk flavor, adding a lot of things to change the taste.The so -called cup of milk has a strong nation.

The Japanese never said this.Dr. Li Lit, Vice President of Beijing China Agricultural University, stayed in Japan for 16 years, and he never heard of this.Later, I learned that it was compiled by the Dairy Association.By investigating the hometown of the centenarians, two 106 -year -old 106 -year -old people.They never drank milk, but they had soy milk every day.I think it should be said that a bowl of soy milk is strong.

When I went to Japan, the local government did have the habit of drinking milk.The consequences now are that many Japanese are particularly easy to allergic, and behind the allergies is poor resistance.Why do I say that it is linked to drinking milk?Over I said just now, milk is a cold food, and adults can’t be transported after drinking.Some people say that milk is okay to drink hotly?I want to say whether the pepper is frozen in the refrigerator and it will not get angry after eating it.

After listening to Mr. Xu’s class, I don’t recommend drinking children, unless you have a channel to get real milk.In the 1980s, the incidence of breasts was less than 1/0 million.

Why do boys have breast disease now?The twelve -year -old boy is not long. Ding Ding Mimi has a problem in addition to the first and second sexual characteristics. There is also the biggest problem with psychological problems.

I haven’t thought about why these problems have occurred in this era?It is because the milk that these children drink are not normal. It is not the milk produced by normal pregnancy, but a hormone.Do you understand what I mean by the milk produced by cows in the future?How can the milk factory be patient and wait for each cow to get pregnant and then produce milk before milk?No, so these children drink a lot of estrogen in milk.

I will tell you a question. The child with the red -wearing of the crotch pants frozen the red child’s body is very strong one by one. Babies wearing diapers will be covered and humid all day, which will affect Ding Ding’s development.These are to remind those who are first -time mothers around them. Don’t give your children from going from morning to night, as long as the conditions allow you to let him ventilate and cool down.

These are all valuable experiences for Teacher Xu for more than 30 years, so please do not use objective indicators to measure Chinese medicine. TCM has a lot of Chinese medicine than so -called science and advanced.

When it comes to milk, you have to mention drinks. Drinking drinks is to eat square sugar drinks. Drinking all year round will cause brain atrophy.Many children are not focused at school now, and they do n’t write homework well when they go home. It will be better in the morning.why?It’s because I didn’t drink drinks overnight.Many rich people now feel that drinking drinks is low.

Parents with such thinking, I suggest to learn about children’s fruit juice beverage syndrome.So don’t give your children too much fresh fruit juice at home.Because the process of squeezing the juice is to remove some things of fruit, cellulose, etc., and squeeze the fruit sugar inside directly, so it is pure sugar. Eating the body will not only raise sugar, but also enter the liver directly to the body.cause some damages.The old ancestors asked to drink tea according to the season, I think it is really YYDS.

Well, this is here for today’s sharing, goodbye.

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