Brother coat strongly denied that his daughter -in -law was pregnant, and suspected that Chen Meng’s account was basically exposed to twins.

Brother’s face was beaten by the children!

On June 8th, the account of the daughter -in -law Chen Meng, the daughter -in -law of the coat, showed a video. There were two lovely children in the picture. Earlier last year, she and Xiao Wei were reported to the twins, but the coat brother was at the time.Decisure.

This time, Chen Meng’s operation is doubtful, who is this little doll?

In fact, as early as Children’s Day, this account named Chen Meng posted photos of two children. This is the first time that children have exposed in the eyes of the public. We can see that the children look clear.It’s very clever.

Many netizens said that their children are very similar to Zhu Xiaowei, and some people say that children and mothers are more like.

Some people say that the coat brother has always liked children very much, and now it is estimated that dreaming will laugh.

Not only that, some netizens also broke the news that the coat brother threw millions to hold a hundred -day banquet for his grandchildren. You can see in the photo that Zhu Zhiwen wore a red Zhongshan dress and combed his big back.few.

As for Chen Meng’s recent situation, some gossip rumors, she is now a boss, holding the money given by the father -in -law to open a kindergarten, operate with her husband, and gradually enter the right track.

If the news is true, it is really a good family.

So far, Zhu Zhiwen has not clarified the matter, so it is unknown to the true and false. Assuming that netizens’ speculation is true, then Brother Zhu obviously hit his own face.

After all, as early as last year, he told everyone very affirmatively that his daughter -in -law was not pregnant at all, and they were all rumored. Now suddenly there are two more grandsons. This cannot be explained!

Another point must be mentioned that "Chen Meng" said in the copywriting: Elegant old go is the best state. You are full of me, and I am full of children.

The background music of this video is the song "Baby Little Beauty", which is very meaningful and seems to be blessing his child.

Zhu Zhiwen’s side is not mentioned. "Chen Meng" is dried everywhere. In another photo, the two children are sleeping in the baby’s car. From the style of the child’s wear and the baby car, everyone is even more affirmed.My guess.

"Either twins or dragons and phoenixes, Xiao Wei is really blessed."

In this regard, some people calculated the time, and took Chen Meng last year to show a checklist. There are two gestational sacs on it. Based on her B -ultrasound, it is indeed a child.

However, Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei were married this year. Some people speculated that she was unmarried first, and some said that the child was not Zhu Xiaowei at all. She should be a parent -child identification.

In short, the rumors on the Internet are very unfriendly for the Zhu family. Some media broke the news. Chen Meng went to the coat brother for the first time and wanted the other party to do a parent -child identification. This can prove his innocence.agreed.

There is also a saying that Chen Meng saw that Zhu Xiaowei had no qi, so she wanted to make the benefits of the main father. She spoke 4 million and fought for the education fund for her children, but Zhu Zhiwen died half of his death: you can give it, but you must be a parent -child, but you must be a parent -child, but you must be a parent -child.Appraisal.

According to the news of the villagers, the results of the Zhu family’s parent -child appraisal came out, and the child was indeed Zhu Xiaowei.

After that, Chen Meng’s grievances burst out instantly. She thought that she had worked hard for the descendants of the Zhu family. She did not expect to be questioned by them. In the end, she had to do parent -child identification.

In the anger, Chen Meng took the child to Beijing. From the IP address, it can be seen that Chen Meng is indeed in Beijing. She should be in a bad mood at this time.

Until June 9, the social account updated the dynamic, saying that "life is a happy picture and the pursuit of different living methods." This sentence is suspected to be shouting Zhu’s family, and more importantly, you want to let Zhu Xiaowei look at it.

After all, as a husband, you will shrink back when you meet something. Even your wife can’t protect it.

Various signs show that this "Chen Meng" has always been an aggrieved party, but many people say that this account is not like Chen Meng. First of all, she never showed up, nor Zhu Xiaowei’s figure, which seemed a bit abnormal.

Anyway, this account is set to "not allowed comments". Assuming that it was Chen Meng himself, why did she do this?

Looking back at the window of the account, there are more than 900 items. The coat brother once said that it is not allowed to bring the daughter -in -law to bring the goods as an anchor. How can this explain?

Therefore, many people suspect that 80 % of this account is eating the traffic of the Zhu family, which is not Chen Meng’s account at all. As for the video and twins, they are all fake.

Sure enough, at present, looking at this account called "Chen Meng", it shows that it has been banned, and Chen Meng did not go during this time. He was busy with his in -laws at home.

Moreover, from the photos that have been reported, Chen Meng is not pregnant and has never had a child. Who spoofed the coat brother behind him?


It is hoped that the parties can clarify as soon as possible to avoid creating unnecessary trouble.

Zhu Zhiwen has always been very decent, but has always been beaten by his daughter. This account is obviously running counter to the dynamics of their family, but I am afraid that it is not outsiders?Now the account is blocked, will the coat brother’s house be quiet for a while?

I don’t think it is because the coat brother is not a small fresh meat, but the traffic on his body cannot be underestimated. "Chen Meng" has been blocked, and countless "Chen Meng" appears, because there are benefits in it, what do you think?

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