Breeding little adviser: Have you ever encountered the child after taking the ring?

This is a question raised by a patient I saw in the background: I went to take the ring after the second child policy came out.

The contraceptive ring itself will affect pregnancy!

Regardless of the length of the loop, the contraceptive ring as a foreign body will have some or less damage and impact on endometrial tissue.

Therefore, it is recommended that women who have wearing a contraceptive ring need to wait for a period of time when they are planning to be pregnant in order to give the endometrium a recovery time, which is conducive to eugenics.

Inflammation caused by the contraceptive ring cannot be ignored!

The incidence of tube infertility caused by the contraceptive ring, such as infection, pain, and bleeding, such as infection, pain, and bleeding, also increases significantly.

This may be irregular aseptic operation. When the contraceptive ring is placed, bacteria enters the uterus, or the bacteria are infected along the contraceptive ring, and the increased menstrual flow after the loop is increased, the bleeding time is prolonged, and the disappearance of the cervical mouth mucus embolism makes the bacteria easy to reproduce.And invasion.

Tell you how to do infertility after taking the ring through real cases!

Chen Dongmei, a 36 -year -old Yiyang Taojiang, chose to ligate because of a child, but now the second child is open, and wants to regenerate a baby.If you have been preparing for pregnancy, you will go to Xiangya Hospital for examination. The diagnosis results are fallopian tube obstruction on one side, and one side of the fallopian tube umbrella is lifted. It is this disease that has caused her to be unsuccessful to prepare for pregnancy.

However, the professor at Xiangya Hospital suggested that Ms. Chen received the test tube and told that if surgical treatment was performed, it could only clear the side of the umbrella. The other side obstruction could not be cleared, and even if the surgery was cleared, the success of pregnancy was successful, and the success of pregnancy was successful.The rate is still very low, and it is easy to cause the situation again.And if you choose to do a test tube, it takes a lot of time and money, and the success rate of pregnancy can only reach 40%, but Chen Dongmei still does not plan to test tubes.

After returning home, Ms. Chen was still looking for treatment. Once I accidentally encountered Sunshine Mom in the same city. When I was talking to each other, Ms. Chen was suggested to come to our Sunshine Hospital to see. The next day, Chen Dongmei came to our hospital for treatment.At that time, I took the consultation. I have seen Ms. Chen’s related cases. I believe that the problem of Ms. Chen’s bilateral fallopian tubes can still be dredged through minimally invasive surgery. I just arranged Ms. Chen for minimally invasive surgery.After the second month after successful dredging the tubal, Chen Dongmei naturally became pregnant!

After taking the ring, you should also do the corresponding reproductive environment inspection!

If a pregnant woman has always been accompanied by low back pain, or if there is no pregnancy 6 months after taking the ring, it is necessary to consider whether the reproductive system has a lesion affecting fertility.

Such as gynecological inflammation, inflammation of the fallopian tube, insufficient ovarian reserve function, and uterine bad areas are not conducive to fertilized eggs and beds.

If you seek medical treatment in time as Chen Dongmei, and choose the treatment method correctly, I believe your good pregnancy will come very quickly!

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