Breastfeeding breasts are always breasts, and 9 methods of prolactin teaches you and easily get rid of embarrassment

During pregnancy, breasts begin to produce milk, and breast leakage will soon appear. This is a signs of health. Among them, the human body’s natural mechanism helps to relieve the feeling of fullness and anger.However, it is always a bit troublesome to overflow milk, and it is also very embarrassing. New mothers want to get rid of this situation.

So how can you prevent the breast leaking? 5 methods of the prolactin teacher teach you and easily get rid of the embarrassment

1. Don’t miss feeding and provide longer feeding time.

This helps to shape the sphincter of the muscles around the nipple, keep it in shape, and stop this leak in the future.

2. In the case of your stay away from your baby, slight pressure on your breasts can prevent leakage.

This can be completed by crossing the breast and gently pressing the forearm.Over time, the leakage has no effect on milk flow. On the contrary, it shows that the body is regulating milk production.

3. You can also use milk pads to absorb breasts.

They absorb dripping and keep their breasts clean and dry.However, you should often replace them to avoid pain and humidity in the nipples and surroundings.

4. Baby feeding babies can immediately relieve the pressure caused by the plump breast.

However, if the pressure of the baby still exists after it is full, you can store some breast milk with a breast pump.

5. Whenever it feels like milk, the bottom of the palm is squeezed to prevent dripping.

If you sit across the table, hold your chin with your hand and apply pressure on the nipple with your forearm to prevent milk from loosening.This should be carried out after the production of breast milk.It is unwilling to apply any pressure in the early stress that can cause any pressure to cause blockage.

6. Wearing pattern clothes can cover up the leak point to prevent the public from being embarrassed.

Choose a darker color to avoid silk and clothes.Wearing jackets and sweaters can hide visible wet points.

7. Feeding children before going to bed can reduce leakage.

However, we must remember that breasts will never be empty.Sleep mode must be controlled.

8. Put your bath towels on the bed before going to bed will protect your mattress and keep the sheets dry.

9. Mothers can also invest in cautious milk collectors that can easily slide into the bra.

This helps store breast milk that can be provided to the baby when needed.

Each woman’s breastfeeding experience is different.Discussion related issues will help create a sense of relaxation among the first mothers.Every mother wants to do the best for their children. During this period, the unshanding and embarrassment of breast leakage should not damage the beautiful experience of becoming a mother. Remember the above points, you may not be so embarrassing."

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