Breastfeeding?No menstruation comes?Still pregnancy!Don’t you want your uterus?

"Before breastfeeding, I will not get pregnant before menstruation"

"I will not get pregnant when I stick to breastfeeding."

This is why many people do not contraceptive during breastfeeding. At the same time, this is also two big misunderstandings.

There will be ovulation with menstruation, but there will be menstruation without ovulation. Breastfeeding can delay ovulation to a certain extent, but it is not that ovulation will not be ovulated during breastfeeding.

There is a study of 1,000 postpartum ovulation recovery of 1,000 cases of maternal abroad. The research results found that the earliest postpartum ovulation recovery time is 14 days, the longest is 537 days, and the middle value is 56 days.

Women who do not feed their baby after delivery for their first ovulation for the first time in 45 days after giving birth, and the earliest occurred in 28 days; breast milk mothers generally do not ovulate for 42 days after giving birth due to hormones, and the median period for restoring ovulation is 59 days.

In addition, menstruation recovery time is generally later than ovulation recovery time. The median period for menstrual recovery is 101 days after giving birth (the median ovulation is 56 days), and ovulation and sexual life may naturally be pregnant.

Therefore, it is completely unreliable to judge whether pregnancy and menstrual recovery can be determined.

Women have not been resumed in the uterus in the lactation period, and the uterus is large and soft.The front placenta and other complications are even developed to the point where the uterus needs to be removed.

The mother’s body is weak, and the menstruation has not been restored after pregnancy. The endometrium attached to the placenta is very fragile and is vulnerable to infection. Sexual life that does not take protection measures can easily cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

Anemia during breastfeeding and decreased body resistance decreased, which is not conducive to the growth of the fetus in the abdomen.

Babies who need breastfeeding during breastfeeding are forced to terminate nurture, which is not good for baby growth.

Breastfeeding during breastfeeding and maternal burden, even hidden dangers of diseases.

Pregnant women after cesarean section are pregnant during breastfeeding, which is prone to spontaneous uterine rupture, and even endangers the safety of maternal and infant life!

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