Breast cancer will also cause breast lactation during pregnancy, you need to understand these …

Tips: This story is adapted from real cases. In order to protect the privacy of patients, all names are pseudonym, and the storyline has also been re -interpreted.

The story also starts with Yang Yang’s pregnancy.Xiao Yang is 32 years old. He is a housewife. He has a 6 -year -old daughter. She is cute and cute. She loves her husband. She is the middle level of a technology company and a family of three.As the family’s economic income gradually stabilized, the daughter became more and more sensible. The couple discussed that they would have a second child to give their daughter a younger brother or sister. The two children would have a companion in the future and can take care of each other.

Everything was smooth for pregnancy and pregnancy. When Xiao Yang was 6 months of pregnancy, the husband and wife were warm in bed all night. The husband touched the breast on the right of Xiao Yang as a small chestnut, and he felt a little bit of hands to the touch.

Husband asked: Wife, you touch it, why is there a pimple in your right breast? What is this?Are you sick?

Xiao Yang said, "Oh, I have known it long ago. I listened to the pregnant mother around me that the breast hyperplasia of the breasts became larger during pregnancy, and there would be some bumps in it, that is, breast hyperplasia.

Life passed day by day, Xiao Yang’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, and his breasts gradually increased, two cups larger than before pregnancy.The lump in the right breast seemed to be increasing quietly, but at this time, to welcome the joy of new life, the couple had long forgotten the so -called "hyperplasia".

Erbao Ru Xiao Yang’s wish is a boy with a smooth delivery, a big fat boy with six pounds and eight pounds.Name Kangkang for Erbao, which means healthy and healthy, and hopes that the whole family is healthy and happy.

With the experience of breastfeeding Wenwen, Xiao Yang’s breastfeeding period is still quite smooth. Unconsciously, Kangkang is half a year old, and Xiao Yang’s milk is not enough for the child to eat, so he began to let the child get milk.

One month after weaning, Xiao Yang’s breasts slowly returned to the size before pregnancy, but it was softer to the touch.When it feels soft, the pimple in the right breast becomes more and more obvious.

She invited an experienced breast milk guidance to help her see if she was not weaned and blocked, can she clear it.Breast milk guidance asked her situation on the phone and knew that the mass was available during pregnancy, and told her that the possibility of blocking milk was not very high. She did not give her to massage and dredge it. Instead, she suggested that she go to the hospital to see.

The next day, the couple came to the hospital for examination. At this time, it was almost a year since Xiao Yang found that the mass had passed.

After the doctor asked the medical history in detail, he touched it, and frowned immediately, his expression was a bit strange, but he quickly returned to normal.Take a look at the couple, didn’t say much, opened the breast ultrasound and molybdenum target, let them check first, and then come back to find him.

The husband and wife did not notice the instantaneous expression on the doctor’s face. After listening to the doctor’s arrangement, the inspection was completed one by one. After getting the results of the inspection, I saw the color Doppler and molybdenum target.At this time, the two felt something wrong.

Back to the clinic with a report, the doctor glanced at the report and signaled that they had sitting down and had not waited for the doctor to say anything. The husband asked, "Doctor, what is the pimple in her breast? Be vicious or vicious?"Yang held her husband’s hand nervously.

The doctor said, "I found it for so long, why didn’t I come to the hospital to see it?"

Xiao Yang said: "I always thought it was hyperplasia, but I didn’t care about it. Later, the child was born, and took care of the child’s breastfeeding. He didn’t care about it. I thought about whether it would disappear after the breastfeeding."

The doctor said: "From the current test results, it is not very ideal. It is recommended that you take the puncture biopsy for the core needle first. After the diagnosis is clear, we will say what to do later."

Husband said, "Is the stabbing pain? Is there any risk?"

The doctor said: "There is a popular science article describing puncture here. If you look at it, you can understand," What is the breast empty needle puncture? "

After improving the blood routine and coagulation function, Xiao Yang came to the puncture room.The puncture is not as terrible as expected, and it is done smoothly. The rest is waiting for 2 days torture.

Two days later, the pathological results replied:

(Right milk puncture specimen) Infiltrated cancer

On the day of learning the pathological results, the couple of Xiao Yang cried with headache. They thought of those celebrities who died of breast cancer, thinking about why their young life was unexpected, thinking of two young children, thinking of their own happy families,Just …

From the initial denial, to admitting that he suffered from cancer, and then courage to fight cancer, the young couple experienced the suffering of ordinary people unimaginable.However, when they cheered up to face the bravery, a CT report almost destroyed the hope of just burning.

CT examination tips on the chest and upper abdomen: Bone -dissolving destruction of multiple ribs and vertebral bodies, considering bone metastasis of breast cancer.Fortunately, CT shows that the internal organs have not seen obvious metastases at present.

Doctors said that 65%to 75%of advanced breast cancer will cause bone metastasis, and bone metastases to the starting metastasis account for 27%to 50%.Solo -bone metastases are slow, and patients have a long survival period, but most of them are accompanied by bone -related incidents such as bone pain and pathological fractures, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients.

Bone metastases will definitely affect the life of the patient, but the degree of impact is lower than internal organs, such as lung metastases, liver metastasis, and brain metastases.Because the prognosis of breast cancer is better than other malignant tumors, many patients can survive for a long time even after active treatment.

After listening to the doctor, Xiao Yang decided to make no matter how bitter the future treatment process is, and whether the treatment results are ideal, she still has to cheer up and live happily every day.child.She doesn’t want to let the two children live in the shadow of the disease every day. She has to use her own efforts to tear the haze above her head, let the sun squeeze into her home, sprinkle them on the children, and let them see the mother’s strength.In the face of the unyielding of my mother, she did not abandon or give up her life.

Xiao Yang’s treatment is still in progress. Let us pray for more young breast cancer patients like her, hoping that they will overcome the disease, recover soon, and be happy every day!

After the story is finished, as a popular science, what valuable information can we draw from it.I refer to the article "Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer during pregnancy", which gives the article "Popular Cancer and Diagnosis", which gives you a five -point suggestion suitable for everyone.

1. Breast cancer during pregnancy or pregnancy -related breast cancer is defined as a breast cancer diagnosed at any time during pregnancy, the first year of postpartum, or at any time of lactation.Some literature shows that as more and more women postpone fertility, the incidence of breast cancer -related breast cancer seems to increase.

Note: We also found this situation in clinical work. The reason is very complicated. There are many assumptions of the current pathogenesis, and we won’t explain it here.

2. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women.Among women under 30, up to 20%of breast cancer are related to pregnancy, but among women under 50, breast cancer during pregnancy or postpartum is less than 5%.Although pregnancy has a long -term prevention effect on breast cancer, it may temporarily increase the risk of breast cancer.

Interpretation: Many such patients are puzzled. Isn’t it that women who have fertility and breastfeeding are not easy to get breast cancer?Why are they unfortunately.At present, the existing evidence is limited, but women with genetic risks seem to be more important.You can use pregnancy as a big test for breasts. After testing, the risk of cancer will decrease in the future.And every big test will temporarily increase the risk of breast cancer.

3. Like non -pregnancy women, most of women in pregnant women are infiltrated duct cancer.However, most of the pregnancy -related breast cancer is mostly different and the diagnosis is late, especially women who are diagnosed during breastfeeding.The physiological changes (such as swelling and hypertrophy) accompanied by pregnancy make physical examinations more challenging, interpretation of test results is more difficult, and may limit the effectiveness of breast X -ray molybdenum target photography.Therefore, women with breast cancer during pregnancy often delay diagnosis for two months or longer.This delay may adversely affect the ending, because even a month of diagnosis can increase the risk of lymph nodes by 1%-2%.

Interpretation: This is mainly because of the changes in breastfeeding breasts, making it difficult for clinical examinations to detect small tumors, and everyone does not attach enough attention to the lumps in the breasts of breastfeeding.

4. Breast ultrasound examination is often used to evaluate the first imaging examination of pregnancy female breast lumps.Ultrasonic can determine whether the breast lump is simple or complex cyst or physical tumor, and the ultrasound has no radiation, and it has no effect on the fetus.In most pregnancy, breast cancer is observed with local solid lumps in the breast. The sound image diagram is often manifested as a low and weak echo group with unclear boundary, irregular morphology, and rich blood flow.

Interpretation: So we often recommend that women regularly do a breast color ultrasound examination before pregnancy, understand the basic situation of breasts, and make a baseline assessment.If abnormalities are found during pregnancy or breastfeeding, the contrast between color Doppler ultrasound and pre -pregnancy can be reviewed. If there are abnormal conditions, timely biopsy can be diagnosed.Because the longer the delay, the worse the prognosis.

5. Breast biopsy — Regardless of whether the patient is in pregnancy or lactation, clinical suspicious breast mass needs to be confirmed by biopsy.The hollow needle puncture biopsy, cut biopsy or resection biopsy can be performed relatively safely during pregnancy and can be used for local anesthesia.The preferred method is the spikes of the needle.

Interpretation: Core needle puncture biopsy is currently a common method for biopsy on clinical suspicious lumps. The operation is simple, the accuracy is high, and the pain is small.But as a creative examination, it also has related complications and risks.

Breast cancer currently does not have first -level prevention measures like cervical cancer vaccine. All we can do is the secondary prevention of "early discovery, early diagnosis, early treatment".Breast cancer is a good treatment effect in physical tumors. After regular treatment, early detection can even achieve the effect of cure.

I hope that your free forwarding can make more people realize that pregnancy -mammal breast cancer, let them face the unknown mass in the breast, seek medical examination in time, so as not to delay the diagnosis and treatment, causing unparalleled regrets!

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