Blood flow during pregnancy is more than stopping.

“, New Life”I want to say hello again, great new life!Intersection

Dabao was born smoothly, but the process of Huai Erbao was so thrilling.Destiny hangs on the ghost door!IntersectionIntersection

The road to breeding is relatively difficult. One of them was an ectopic pregnancy before Huai Dabao, which led to remove the fallopian tube on one side.So that I would like to naturally have a small chance of natural pregnancy.But God’s care has successfully dissected Dabao and was born smoothly.Thinking about a second child in a few years in the future. As a result, Dabao was pregnant accidentally at nine months, and it was an ectopic pregnancy.Once again.I don’t know what’s going on.I feel that I am a pregnancy.There are only one side left, and the winning rate is still so high.When Dabao was one year old, he was pregnant again.I do not know how it is.Every time I have safety measures, but I still have it. At that time, I was bleeding, and I thought the case was coming.It is less blood than ever. I thought I didn’t care about the overworked period.But it was five days, it was still a trace of blood, and the chest hurt, and he began to nausea.I feel wrong, because I am afraid that I will go to the hospital for examination.The result is pregnancy.Because I did a few surgery before, the time was short and the body was very false.The doctor strongly recommends that I can’t ask.Back home and told my family.Do not have the same opinions.I know it’s good for me, but I am really reluctant, my body is like this.How lucky she could stay in my stomach so tenaciously for me.I really can’t make up my mind to go to her, and resolutely leave this little life.However, the situation is not optimistic. I am pregnant with severe pregnancy, I ca n’t eat things, and I have been bleeding, I ca n’t stop it, and more and more, the proportion is more fake.At that time, the doctor signed a bunch of documents before checking me, similar to documents such as any situation and no responsibility with the hospital.I also know, but in order to leave her, I am willing to give up.As an ordinary person, it is impossible to understand this behavior!The whole two months is the same as the holiday.Lying in bed every day, I cough, and I can spray a lot of blood when I turn over. I feel like I want to persist, but I still want to persist.That’s my blessing.

Later, my husband saw me so firm and supported me!There are various methods of Western medicine without any effect.Then my husband took me to see traditional Chinese medicine. At that time, I didn’t believe in Chinese medicine, and I also went to the horse as a living horse medicine, so I went.At that time, the old gentleman was given to me, saying that my body was like this.Ask my child if he has a heartbeat.I said yes. I went to the hospital to do B -ultrasound children, that is, there are blood shadows around the embryo.The old gentleman said that the child was so tenacious. I will give you a pair of medicine first.If the blood volume is less, then open!The old gentleman didn’t say that I guess he felt that he couldn’t keep this little life!No matter what others say, I didn’t know where the courage and self -confidence at that time, I just felt that my baby could definitely be safe and healthy!Just go back to boil Chinese medicine every day and drink, and I have to persist no matter how hard it is.Traditional Chinese medicine is really amazing. A medicine is effective. Bleeding is really much less, but I still have a little bit. I really regret that I went to the Chinese medicine medicine directly at the time and should not go to the hospital.Then the second vice -and -the -thirds continued, and they lay hard for four months.I remember very clearly. On the morning of four months, I went to the toilet, and carefully looked at it. There was no trace of blood.Continue to care carefully.Continue to lie for a week.No blood at all.When I went to the hospital for a checkup, the hospital was willing to establish a file.After the birth check -in, the doctor said that everything was normal, and my tears suddenly came out.It is moved or joy and gratitude, but more than grateful.Thanks to the heavenly care, gratitude to the baby’s strong bravery, because of her persistence, only my courage and persistence.The first time we won, our mother -in -law finally won.The difficulty is not speechless!Finally, it’s over!

In the middle of pregnancy, because the ectopic pregnancy was added with caesarean section before, there were scars in the two operations. Doctors and I were worried that the greater the child, the more dangerous it would be, so the child should not be too big.In the last month, I do n’t know what’s going on. It ’s okay every day. I ca n’t lie down all night all night. I ca n’t lie down. I can squint for a while. The blood sugar is terrible, and then all kinds of blood sugar.To cut the time with the hospital, the whole family was preparing to go to the hospital the next day, and found that Dabao’s hand, foot and mouth disease was found.

Because Dabao was only more than one year old, and he did not leave me, so the child was sick and became more sticky, and the doctor asked us to be isolated, afraid that I would be infected, and then the baby in the belly was also infected.At that time, I was not willing to separate from long distances.So I discussed with my family.Two days later, I went to the hospital for two days, and stayed at home for two days to accompany the child.Therefore, the disinfection measures should not be so serious.I don’t know if the little guy is inductive or a coincidence, just stayed for two days.At four o’clock the next morning, I was lying half asleep, and suddenly my stomach started to hurt. At that time, I realized that I was going to give birth.At that time, the frequency of pain was not high. I went to our county hospital. Because I had been checking there, the hospital could not perform surgery after doing ECG monitoring. We really want to be angry.I have been communicating with the hospital before, and Dabao’s sudden illness also reported to the doctor, but it did not accept it.In exchange for a result, there is a result of the theory, but at the time, we rushed to Xi’an. Fortunately, we were not far from Xi’an.At the Tangdu Hospital, it was so painful that the emergency department did not accept it. You said that he was not angry. At that time, how should the common people who see a doctor at that time?My husband is scolding there, but what can I do.We ca n’t wait for it. Fortunately, there is a medical school in a hundred meters next to it, and we rushed there again. At that time, we could n’t go.I’m afraid the wound will be opened. The doctor and the nurse are so anxious to push me back and forth. I have made various preparations in the waiting room. The doctor said that my palace mouth had six fingers. It was bold.Preparation, do we say that the preparation results do not accept the hospital?The doctor said that you should stay away from that they can’t accept them.How dare to take that risk?I was urgent to deal with me in an urgent doctor.Speaking of which, I am grateful to all medical staff in the hospital in my heart.It tossed all morning and waited for the operating table for eleven o’clock.I was telling the baby in the morning that the baby must be peaceful, and then insist!Just on the operating table, when the doctor asked me to take a hemp medicine, I felt a bang in my stomach, and then there was a bunch of water flowing out.The doctor said that the amniotic fluid was broken, and it would be okay to give you surgery!Although I was anesthetized, I was in a sober state. The doctor said that my situation was best sober.Ask me if I feel like I do.After a while, the baby was born, and the doctor took out my belly.I couldn’t wait to ask, can I see if I can see it for the baby.Ask me to want a boy and girl, because I tell them that Dabao is a girl.It is estimated that the doctor wants me to want a boy. In fact, I like girls in my heart, although I already have a female treasure.At that time, I told the doctor that the baby was unimaginable from the suffering of eating now. As long as it goes well, as long as he is healthy, he is satisfied.Regardless of boys and girls!Then they told me that it was a girl.I am really happy, but I do n’t care about happiness, so I hurriedly asked the doctor for a child to be healthy.The doctor said it was very good, so don’t worry about me.The heart of hanging a year finally fell at this moment.After a while, the wound felt painful, and the doctor added anesthetic dose.The doctor said that my situation is really complicated, and the treatment is very troublesome. It is said that doing my operation can do other three.Fortunately, everything is smooth.After that, he was transferred to the intensive care unit for special care.

In this way, Erbao was born, and said nothing, so I wanted to say that I was grateful and blessed by God, thanks to the strength and bravery of the baby, and thanked all the medical staff of the medical school!I wish you a safe life!Intersection

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