Bleeding during pregnancy is not necessarily abortion, it may be these reasons

The expectant mother was pregnant in October to usher in the arrival of the baby, and this way was extremely hard.

But for some long history of treatment, they can not be pregnant. They will pay special attention to everything during pregnancy. A little movement will be extremely worried, let alone a suspected alternative sign of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, and even panic.In fact, vaginal bleeding should be divided into several cases, and it is not necessarily abortion. Let’s take a look at it together!

Early pregnancy bleeding


Normal bleeding

Many pregnant mothers will have bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, showing a little bit of bleeding.

Infertile will cause a small amount of bleeding when I just bed. In 6-12 days after pregnancy, the color and menstrual blood will be very similar. This is because of the changes in the body after pregnancy.It becomes fragile, severe movements or other stimuli can cause vaginal bleeding.

If it is only a drop of brown bleeding, there is no symptoms such as abdominal pain, and you don’t need to worry too much. This is the normal early pregnancy bleeding.


Threatened abortion

If the amount of bleeding is similar to menstruation, and it is accompanied by symptoms such as lower abdomen swelling and pain, it may be a threatened abortion. At this time, you should go to the hospital to check in time to obey the doctor’s advice or clear the palace surgery (the quality of the embryo itself is not good, it is not good in the quality of the embryo, the quality of the embryo itself is not good, the quality of the embryo is not good, the quality of the embryo is not good, the quality of the embryo is not good, the quality of the embryo is not good, the quality of the embryo is not good, the quality of the embryo is not good, the quality of the embryo is not good, the quality of the embryo is not good.Chromosome is abnormal).


Ectopic pregnancy

Fertilized eggs in bed outside the uterine cavity.It is common that the tubal function is poor, which is not smooth, causing fertilized eggs to pregnancy in the fallopian tube.

Ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous, because as the pregnancy time is pushed, the embryo will continue to grow. Fully treatment in the fallopian tube will cause the tube wall to rupture and remove the risk of tubal tubes.

Ectopic pregnancy manifestations, vaginal bleeding and dark red color, may be accompanied by pain on the lower abdomen, in severe cases of acute bleeding in the abdominal cavity, severe abdominal pain, faint, and blood loss. These symptoms should go to the hospital to check and diagnose in time.

Bleeding in the middle of pregnancy


Cervical function is incomplete

Under normal circumstances, the cervical mouth is closed, and some women have caused cervical inadequate locks due to some reasons, such as frequent abortion surgery, or relaxation of cervix mouth.The pressure of the fetus often finds abortion.

With a small amount of vaginal bleeding, the abdomen will have a feeling of falling, but because the contraction of the uterus is not obvious, the pain is not obvious. It is recommended not to worry about this situation. Immediately go to the hospital for treatment.



Portosy is a proliferative hyperplasia of the placental pills after pregnancy, and the height edema is highly edema, forming a variety of blisters.Most of the bleeding causes in the middle of pregnancy. The vagina with a female with hydatidum will be intermittently bleeding. There may also be multiple hemorrhage. If you observe carefully, you can find that the blisters are material in the blood.

The growth of hydatiditic tires can cause lower abdomen pain when the uterus is expanding rapidly.When the hydatidiform will be discharged, the factor shrinks and has lower abdominal array pain.It can be diagnosed through HCG, ultrasound examination, etc., and immediately removes it as soon as it is confirmed.

Of course, there are symptoms of vaginal bleeding in the third trimester of pregnancy, such as placenta front, placenta peeling early, production, etc., you do not have to panic. You can observe the bleeding situation, bleeding, bleeding time, etc.examine.

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