Bleeding after the stool of hemorrhoids will cause blood loss shock

Recently, a young patient has been diagnosed by the patient: mixed hemorrhoids, accompanied by blood loss!

Let me introduce the patient’s condition:

35 -year -old king, occupation: long -distance truck driver, usually because of working reasons, irregular diet, long -term dining outside, mainly spicy and greasy.We all know that the truck driver is under pressure, more worry, staying up late, tight time, and less activities. Most of the time sitting in the car … Xiao Wang hemorrhoids have been more than ten years.Not going back.This does not have the recent increase in constipation, and the amount of bleeding increases after the stool. During the stool this morning, the bleeding increased. When the stool was solved, it fainted directly in the toilet … After coming to the hospital for examination, hemoglobin was 5g, which was severe anemia.

In fact, cases like Xiao Wang are not uncommon in our department. Long -term hemorrhoids lead to chronic blood loss, and even developing severe anemia in the end … This is by no means alarmist, and it is clinically seen.Even before a patient, hemorrhoids caused severe anemia. When the doctor wanted to transfusion for the patient, the patient turned out to be panda blood, that is, Rh negative.At that time, the patient was critical and urgent. He immediately contacted the urban blood transfusion station and gave an emergency allocation.

Many people think that hemorrhoids are common diseases, and ten people nine hemorrhoids. It’s okay. Eat more vegetables and fruits.No need to treat …

Today, "Xiaohui Liao Health" will share the causes and preventive treatment methods for you.

Cause of hemorrhoids:

First, first ask, why do people have hemorrhoids and animals do not hemorrhoids?This is due to our anatomical structure, because we have become standing and walking during the evolution. After standing and walking, the blood circulation of our lower body must return to our hearts.EssenceCoupled with long -term standing or standing stand, such as the poor blood circulation of the perianal, the intravenous veins that lead to the periart vein, which has formed hemorrhoids for a long time.

Second, I can’t control my mouth.In addition, we usually like to eat, some greasy, spicy and delicate, and good taste, which leads to long -term chronic constipation, long -term dry stool, increase the perianal blood vessel friction, cause perianal veins, and cause hemorrhoids.

Third, long -term sitting or standing and heavy physical workers have caused increased pressure on the blood circulation of venous venous vein in the lower body, affecting the blood circulation of perianal and hemorrhoids.

Fourth, when female friends are pregnant and pregnant, when the increased fetal compression pelvic cavity will cause the intestinal peristalsis and cause dry stool. In addition, the increased uterine cavity pressure causes poor blood circulation of the pelvic floor, which causes the perianal veins to be pediatric.Causes hemorrhoids.So why is it? Ten men, nine hemorrhoids, ten female ten hemorrhoids are the reason.

Fifth, when going to the toilet, play with mobile phones, read newspapers and so on.Many friends go to the toilet with their mobile phones, and they are squatting for ten minutes. This will seriously affect our perianal blood circulation and cause hemorrhoids.Don’t look at it, it’s you!

So how to prevent it!

First, eat more fruits and fruits, drink plenty of water, balance diet, eat more coarse grains, and keep the stool unobstructed.

Second, when working for a long time, you can active activities, such as walking, doing health exercises.To promote our lower body blood circulation, we can also combine and rest, relax our body and mind, and let us better invest in work!

Third, do not play mobile phones to the toilet. Try to control the time to go to the toilet. It is best to complete within three minutes.

Fourth, keep the perianal clean and hygienic.If you have slightly hemorrhoids, you can sit in warm water. The temperature is about 40 degrees, and the buttocks are not hot. Take a bath for 10-20 minutes each time, twice a day.Because warm water can promote the blood circulation of our perianal and reduce edema.

So how to judge the severity of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are divided into internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids refer to small meatballs formed by the intravenous clumps above the anal tooth line. The general symptoms are painless stools with blood.

External hemorrhoids refer to the intravenous clumps below the anal tooth line. It is usually accompanied by anal itching and humidity. There is one or more small meatballs around the anus.

When the small meat ball is embedded by an anal sphincter, it will cause pain and unbearable, and it is called an incarceration hemorrhoid.

Generally, we recommend conservative treatment, and take the adjustment of living habits and warm water.You can take some anti -inflammatory drugs outside the perianal, and use some anti -inflammatory and hemostatic medicines to achieve some good effects.

When hemorrhoids can cause our serious work and life, it is recommended to go to the hospital to obey the doctor’s advice and treat formal treatment!

Finally, I teach you a little trick to prevent hemorrhoids!

Anal lifting exercise:

Put your hands in the Dantian position, breathe uniformly, shrink the anus movement for 3 seconds, relax for 3 seconds for 10 consecutive times.Enhance the strength of the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis, promote pelvic blood transportation, and prevent hemorrhoids.

Finally, in order to protect our chrysanthemums, let us develop a good habit of health together!

Pay attention to me, "Xiaohui Liao Health", share healthy knowledge with you!

Come and talk about the comment area, what kind of thing about your hemorrhoids!

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