Birth boys have 11 more fingers than normal children, and it is like a lotus flower in full bloom.

Have you ever seen a baby with 31 fingers?There are 31 fingers in the three -month -old baby boy. Except for 11 more fingers than normal children, each of him has two palms, which is scattered like a lotus lotus.

Zhongping Village, Nanjiang Town, Pingjiang County, Hunan Province.

Late at night, at the end of the village was the house of the Zou family.

"Baby, wrap it up, we all wrap it up."

A young woman cried and said while wrapping the child’s hands and feet with white cloth.

There was a cry from time to time in the house. You can hear it far away, and the people hear are instantly creepy.

The next day, a group of people gathered under the locust tree in the village, and everyone said with a mouthful:

"The old Zou family gave birth to a big fat boy. Without a thumb, each finger is the same."

"I heard that children have 31 fingers?"

"have you seen?

"Three layers of children are wrapped in three layers, who can see?"

"I am still a little scared. Everyone neighbors always feel uncomfortable."

Everyone discussed and looked at the Zou family.

The incident alarmed the media. In order to solve the villagers’ doubts, the reporter came to the Zou family and found one of the parties Zou Jia’s daughter -in -law Chu Yingjiao.

According to Chu Yingjiao, the son is called Little Sweet Potato. He was born from birth. Even the doctor was startled, and many rumors came out of the neighbors.

Because she was worried that she would scare others, she always wrapped the little sweet potatoes tightly with a cricket, so she dared to take the small sweet potato out to see it.

After that, she unveiled the white cloth that wrapped her children’s hands and feet. A shocking scene appeared in front of the camera.

"You see that there are 7 right hands, 8 left hand, and 15 hands with two hands. There are 8 left feet and right feet, and two feet are added with 16 toes.Get up 31 fingers. "

"He has two palms, and both palms have no thumbs, which is much more than ordinary people. 31 fingers have bones and can be moved."

Chu Yingjiao told reporters that since the day of birth, he has 31 fingers, with 11 more fingers more than normal children, which is like a lotus flower in full bloom.

What causes this?Why is the little sweet potato so different from other children?

The reporter saw Zou Chenglin, the father of the little sweet potato. He was responsible for adopting a foreign trade company in Shenzhen. His education was not too high, but in order to be able to do a career, he also taught his own English.

With his efforts, life has color, and he will also move towards a better life.

But what no one expected was that the arrival of the little sweet potato broke this peaceful family.

In order to cure the little sweet potato, Zou Chenglin has traveled to dozens of large and small hospitals nearby, but the results are unsatisfactory.

He was not old, had grown white hair, and his confident face was full of exhaustion, but when he saw the cute and cute little sweet potato, Zou Chenglin still showed a comfortable smile.

Bathing to the little sweet potato is Zou Chenglin’s happiest and happy thing.Zou Chenglin washed the seams of the little sweet potato very carefully, and there was no dislike of the little sweet potato.

However, the little sweet potato is indeed different from other children. As the parents of the little sweet potato, they cannot ignore the fact that he grows 31 fingers and 4 palms.

If it continues to grow like this, the feet of the little sweet potato can’t find the right shoes at all, and his hands can not eat chopsticks at all, and he can’t hold a pen to write, which will directly affect his daily life.

What is even more worried about Zou Chenglin is that this unique appearance will inevitably affect the interpersonal communication and psychology of small sweet potatoes, and they are distressed by this.

When the reporter knew the situation from Grandma Little Sweet Potato, when he saw the wall full of photos, he asked her whether the relatives around or family had the situation on the situation of the little sweet potato.This situation.

Why does the small sweet potato appear more finger?Will it be a family genetic genetic mutation?Or is it caused by the harm of rays?

Grandma Little Sweet Potato took the reporter to the cropland.

She told reporters that the quality of the soil here is different from the soil of other land, and there are bright things in the soil. She feels that the finger of the grandson is related to this special soil.

But it is strange that what exactly are these bright things?

With doubt, the reporter invited the investigation team to observe that the investigators found that this was a crystal -like thing, which was extremely fragile, and it broke it gently with his hands.Zou Chenglin guess this sequins may be toxic.

According to investigators, the soil that the Zou family rely on survive contains rich quartz, Yunmu and other native minerals.This mineral contains a large amount of potassium and phosphorus, which can promote the healthy growth of crops.

According to Zou Chenglin, Yunmu can be seen everywhere in the Zou family, and it comes from a spring well in Houshan.

Because his wife Chu Yingjiao had been drinking the water here during pregnancy, he was worried that many Yunmu floated in the water by his wife into the stomach. They suspected that it was Yunmu that caused the child to deform.

But the facts are really as he guessed, why are other people in the village that is fine, but it is his son who recruited 31 fingers?

Zou Chenglin thinks more and more wrong. He checked the relevant information on the Internet. It is understood that Yunmu is a mining material that is mostly used for industrial manufacturing, and Yunmu is not toxic.

Because Yunmu is not food, as for whether it can cause fetal malformations, there is no relevant conclusion in medicine for the time being.

The reporter had to conduct a simple investigation comparison in the village, and

However, according to the villagers, there are no factories near the village, and there will be no chemical pollution.

Most people in the village are such drinking water. This well is not a well -dedicated water well. People in several nearby villages drink these spring water, and there are no small sweet potatoes.

Moreover, the air in the mountains is fresh, and there are many long -lived elderly people. From the villagers, this land is a rare pure land.

"We are so good here, and the sky is very blue. We all drink the water here. We have 16 old people here 90 years old."

Since it is not chemical pollution, and the water in the well is not wrong, how should the child’s deformed problem be explained?Is it true that someone curse?

The fingers of the little sweet potato have nothing to do with the environment, and Zou Chenglin’s speculation makes his wife Chu Yingjiao look at his heart.

Chu Yingjiao opened his hands carefully to reporters.It turned out that she had multiple fingers herself, and her hands and feet were all six fingers.

Chu Yingjiao said that he did not refer to the situation except herself.

"My grandparents are grandmother, they don’t have more referred to, nor of my sister, and our entire family does not have it, so we never thought that my baby would be like this. At that time, the baby was born like this.We feel particularly surprised. "

Whether the little sweet potato is inherited the mother’s gene, in order to figure out the situation, the Zou family decided to take the small sweet potato to the hospital for examination.

Subsequently, the family of three came to the hospital to see if the hands of the little sweet potato were just purely congenital malformations, and other comprehensive symptoms of heart incompleteness. Can his hands be treated with surgery?

After a doctor’s examination, the results of the doctor’s examination caused the couple to fall to the trough for a while.

After diagnosing, the doctor said that small sweet potato’s hands have multiple fingers and lack of thumbs. There are three fingers in both feet, and almost every finger has complete palm bones and metatarsal bones. This case is rare.

If you just have a lot of fingers, you can do the removal surgery on your fingers.

However, if you want to remove this situation, you have to move the entire foot, especially the hand not only requires the opponent’s palm to remove a large area of resection, but also the thumb function.

This surgery is also more difficult, and the pain that patients need to bear will double.

In addition, the child is less than 4 months old, and the age is not the best period of surgery. It is necessary to pass follow -up observation, and then receive surgery between 6 months and one year old.

Doctors also say that most of the situation of small sweet potatoes comes from the mother, because of the explicit genetic reasons, the child’s fingers are mostly more serious than the mother.

"His mother is just a simple six -finger. When he arrived at the little sweet potato, why did you become so many fingers?" The reporter asked.

"The law of genetics is also difficult to say. He may be lighter than his mother, or heavier than his mother." The doctor answered.

"But there is no such significant sign of his mother?" The reporter asked.

"This thing is a hidden inheritance. If you go up, you can definitely find it. In the previous generation, some genetic problems occurred, but it did not appear. In this generation of the little sweet potato mother, it appeared and inherited to the next generation."The doctor answered.

"So whether the next generation of small sweet potatoes is likely to be like this." The reporter then asked.

"It is likely to be passed on from generation to generation." The doctor answered.

When the husband and wife of Zou Chenglin heard the doctor, the sadness could not be said in her heart. As a mother, Chu Yingjiao felt more blame. She never thought that she had hurt her son.

Although the child’s multiple symptoms can be treated, this treatment is half of the husband and wife.

The little sweet potato can have both hands and feet like normal children after surgery.

Those who are worried are multi -finger, and maybe generations of generations will be inherited from generation to generation. This situation is a time -time bomb for the Zou family. I don’t know when it will explode.

Looking at Chu Yingjiao’s blame, Zou Chenglin was also uncomfortable.

Zou Chenglin told reporters in the hospital that he had a girlfriend who had been talking about for many years. When he talked about marriage, his girlfriend left herself because of his poorness. Seven -year feelings were not as much as a material temptation. Zou Chenglin was sad after breaking up.

Later, he met his wife Chu Yingjiao who was working in a company, and he knew that Chu Yingjiao pointed out.

As a defective woman, Chu Yingjiao has always been cautious whether it is work or life on weekdays, and her inferiority has made Zou Chenglin feel the same.

"I know that she is not easy. There were 6 fingers and 6 foot fingers. Her parents did not perform surgery. She must be inferior, although she did not say."

And Chu Yingjiao also had a good opinion of this career and strong and independent man. A few years later, the two joined hands to enter the palace of marriage.Zou Chenglin said he was very happy to meet his wife.

When the little sweet potato was born, Zou Chenglin was very happy.

When he knew that the child was also more finger, he thought that he was like his wife. Although he had a certain psychological preparation, he finally learned that he could not believe this fact.

"I was not in the delivery room at the time. My sister told me that the child had 6 pounds and 2 two, the boy, and my sister told that there were more fingers. I think there may be one more. My sister said that there were 8 in each hand and feet.I didn’t fall asleep that night, first thought that my baby was unfortunate. "

Zou Chenglin was very unfortunate, because the child was the hope of this family. This happened to a child and was unfair to the child.

"But the feeling you really see is different from the feeling you hear?" The reporter asked.

Zou Chenglin said that when he saw his child, he had accepted the child, because his wife’s fingers had a lot of fingers, and he was ready to be prepared.

And the baby is very cute, he can’t think of looking at the child’s finger at all.I just think that the child is so good, it is finger like this, and he likes it so much.

I heard that the disease of the little sweet potato is inherited, and it may be passed down from generation to generation. Zou Chenglin’s sister quickly rushed back to his hometown from the county seat.

The reporter carefully checked the sister’s child and found that everything his fingers were normal.

At this moment, Zou Chenglin and his sister were controversial in genetic aspects. Zou Chenglin felt that he might try to have a second child. He felt that the child would not necessarily be inherited.

However, her sister and mother were very opposed after listening. They felt that the probability of genetic was very high. Even if they could cure, they were a scar in their children.

His wife Chu Yingjiao sat in the middle and listened to the family’s analysis and controversy, and his eyes became red after a while.

Zou Chenglin’s sister said that if her brother -in -law does not have 6 fingers, there will be no such big troubles and difficulties in the family, and their own conditions will not be very good.

Now this situation is very difficult for the family whether it is surgery or other.

Zou Chenglin said that he can’t think about this every day, worrying about this worry and that, you should actively solve it if you have a problem.Complaining is useless.

He tried his best to make his son’s education better, and his son could get more wealth.

Then when the son gave birth to a child, if you need surgery and have money on his body, it is not a problem at all.

Considering Chu Yingjiao, the Zou family carefully discussed, but this kind of intimateness made Chu Yingjiao blame himself.

Chu Yingjiao ran into the bedroom, rushing to cry in the bed, and then her husband and mother -in -law hurried forward to comfort.

"Your son’s illness will be cured, and our family will be fine. Don’t cry." Grandma of Little Sweet Potato said with tears.

Looking at the children in the puppet, Chu Yingjiao regretted it.

"I feel sorry for the child, because I was originally finging up, and I didn’t really think about the child when I was pregnant. If we were serious at that time, I went to the hospital to consult a doctor.You should find a way to avoid this. "

And Zou Chenglin said to his wife:

"The baby is a little angel. The whole family of our family has not disliked him. When he grows up, I will tell him. I also took a lot of photos, many videos, and when he grew up and show him."

Zou Chenglin knows that his wife is also very difficult to be very easy, and he is blaming him every day. He should be better to his wife.

In the evening, Zou Chenglin showed the shadow play he was prepared to his wife under the light, and Chu Yingjiao showed a long -lost smile.

7 days after the interview, Zou Chenglin called the reporter and said that several hospitals have determined to give them free surgical treatment.

After another 3 months, the child has been 6 months. The Zou Chenglin couple chose one of the hospitals. The hospital convened various experts to formulate a perfect plan for small sweet potatoes and moved the little sweet potato.

Although Zou Chenglin and Chu Yingjiao’s love are moving, when they know that Chu Yingjiao is a sixth finger, the couple did not go to the hospital for examination or consult a doctor if they were inherited.Responsible.

However, as a father, Zou Chenglin did not abandon the child in the face of the child, but tried to do it.

As a husband, Zou Chenglin did not complain about his wife in the face of abnormalities, but chose to fight side by side with his wife.

Zou Chenglin’s optimistic attitude that is not pessimistic is worthy of our thoughts. We walk on the road of life, but we will never walk in the dark forever. On our road, there will always be lights shining on us.

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