Bird nest raising is just a legend, you can also have

Seeing a news "Sichuan villagers from the wall of the villagers to pick bird’s nest desperately Boyuki soup", let’s take a look at the contents inside:

"On the one hand, it is the basalt of the wall, and on the other hand, there is the bottom of the large canyon, walking on a cliff road with a width of less than 20 cm, every step is shocking.For the villagers under the Matsham Mountain in the Yi Township, for more than 200 years, in May each year, in order to pick bird’s nests, they will risk on this road. Although the effect of bird’s nest effects and picking methods has been criticized by scholars and environmentalists, this is still a local villagers.The important channel for increasing income. Today, in the face of less and less bird’s nest, the villagers have also started to worry, "I don’t know if it will be finished one day."

The wealthy bird’s nest is the nest nest made of mixed condensation made by mixed and condensed by saliva and velvet feathers such as Swift Animals and a variety of swallows. It looks like ingots and has always been one of the traditional Chinese expensive foods.Pregnant women in Singapore, Hong Kong and other places have regularly consumed bird’s nests from two or three months of pregnancy. They believe that this will not only make the mother strong, but also make the future new babies stronger, fair, more beautiful, and less likely to get sick.Hong Kong famous model Qiqi is pregnant every day after pregnancy. Wang Jingying and Jia Jingwen eat bird’s nest after pregnancy and do not be soft.After giving birth, Lin Qingxia ate bird’s nest field chicken rice to make up.It is said that the effect is very good. To promote the recovery of maternal, can it increase milk secretion. Is it really so amazing?

Bird’s nest is mostly produced in Southeast Asia. It is a nest that is the same as that of the golden swallows. After eating small fish and small shrimp and seaweed, it has been digested and built by digestive glandular secretions and feathers.Let’s take a look at the nutritional ingredients of bird’s nest:

Water -soluble protein and carbohydrates; trace elements: calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, and amino acids (lysine, cystine and arginine) that promote the vitality of the human body.Dry bird’s nest contains about 50%of protein, 30%carbohydrates, 10%moisture and some minerals.

Carbohydrate is the sugar that provides energy. The rice and pasta that are eaten in peace when they are eaten peacefully. The protein composition is higher, but this protein is not better than eggs and milk. In terms of quantityThe amount of eggs and milk from daily, only the proportion of protein is meaningless.

Although bird’s nest is hailed as a sacred product, it is not special about nutritional value.

Many bird’s nest merchant advertisements claim that the saliva acid (also known as bird’s nest acid) of bird’s nest swallows (also known as bird’s nest acid) has many magical effects, such as extending life and beauty and beauty. This is just a common trick to exaggerate publicity.Salmonic acid can be extracted from the bird’s nest. It has a certain health significance in animal experiments, but it has not been confirmed on the human body.In addition, the effect of leaving doses is "hooligan". Compared with the content of salivary acids used in animal experiments, eating a few times is less and less. It is really just a legend.

There are many pregnant women taking bird’s nest after pregnancy. China has the tradition of "preservation of fetal".Among them, eating bird’s nest is also one of them.Whenever the entertainment media gossip female stars are pregnant, they often mention that they are eating bird’s nest "babies".So, can bird’s nest really "protect"?

In modern medicine, "preservation" means preventing natural abortion.According to statistics, most natural abortion occurs in the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy.In most cases, natural abortion is related to the abnormal chromosomes of the fetus.Chromosome is a carrier of genetic material, and the chromosomal abnormality means that the fetus has genetic defects.Once such defects occur, it is impossible to change through what mother eats.In other words, it is the most common reason for natural abortion due to the natural abortion caused by chromosomal abnormalities. At present, there are no effective measures to solve it, and eating bird’s nest is naturally useless.

Each year, there are many pregnant women with liver dysfunction. In addition to the hepatitis damage caused by viral hepatitis and high pregnancy, and drugs caused by high pregnancy, other drugs caused by high pregnancy.Many pregnant women take bird’s nest daily after pregnancy, but the source of bird’s nest has no quality assurance. This is the liver function damage caused by "bird’s nest".

From the perspective of nutrition, the nutrition of bird’s nest is really lacking.Any nutritional ingredients that people can find from bird’s nest can be obtained through other ordinary food, or even better.If you encounter a black -hearted merchant, in order to clean up the convenience of bird’s nest, bleach bleach, and even chemicals such as nitrite are added, then not only does it not bring us health effect, but it may bring harm to health.Eating those bird’s nest products that have not been posted on the market and counterfeit are really caused by liver damage.

Drug -based hepatitis refers to liver inflammatory damage caused by drug or its metabolites, which is a non -viral hepatitis.Drug -based hepatitis is a common cause of liver function abnormalities, and is not contagious.After stopping drugs, rest, and liver care treatment, it is generally cured quickly, but in severe cases, it may cause liver failure. This happens during pregnancy and may affect the mother and fetus.

In addition, bird’s nest also has the risk of allergies. Among the children who are allergic to food, there are many bird’s nests.

Tremella, good quality and cheap, is known as "bird’s nest of ordinary people". Let’s take a look at the nutritional components of Tremella:

Protein, fat and various amino acids, minerals and liver sugar.Tremella protein contains 17 amino acids, and 3/4 of the essential amino acids in the human body can be provided.Tremella also contains a variety of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, etc. The content of calcium and iron is very high. Among the Tremella ear per 100 grams, it contains 643 mg of calcium and 30.4 mg of iron.

Tremella contains a variety of ingredients such as polysaccharides, flavonoids, and amino acids. Among them, Tremella polysaccharides are their important active substances.Modern studies have shown that Tremella polysaccharides have various effects such as antioxidant, anti -tumor and immune regulation.But like bird’s nest, the research on the effects of these pharmacological effects is still at the stage of cells or animals, and it is almost involved in the human body. It is doing more clinical effects. Do not overly superstitious health effects.

In addition, Tremella contains more dietary fiber. Its dietary fiber can help gastrointestinal motility, reduce fat absorption, increase satiety, and is a good weight -loss food.

Tremella has rich dietary fiber and polysaccharides. If you replace the bird’s nest with Tremella, not only the taste is close, but also a lot of affordable people. It is also a good product for daily consumption.But eating fresh white fungus has a certain safety risk and should be paid attention to.

[Correctly discern the quality of Tremella]

Normal Tremella is generally chrysanthemum or cocky -shaped, consisting of more than ten thin and more wrinkled bacteria slices.Fresh till -ear is white to milky white.Transparent and elastic.Dry silver ear quality is hard and crispy, with beige or golden.If the silver ears are bright white, it may be smoked by sulfur.

[Do not forget processing]

Fresh silver ear should be processed reasonably. After the dry silver ear is blistered, the shaped shape should be complete, the bacteria tablets are white or slightly yellow, good elastic, and no odor, so that it can be eaten.If you find that the bacteria are dark yellow to yellow -brown, not shaped, sticky, non -elastic, and have different odor, it means that the Tremella has deteriorated and should be discarded and not eaten.The hair should be rinsed fully, and the brown part of the bottom of the Tremella fucular base should be removed.

When the weather is warmer, appetite will often occur when the temperature rises. Eating light and digestion can reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and increase appetite.Here are a simple and easy -to -learn recipe, especially suitable for breakfast, injecting slowly positive energy into a day’s life. I do it myself, which is convenient and fast.

【Red Bean Lotus Tremella Tremella】


Red beans 2/3 cups

Lotus seeds 1/2 cup


Shimizu 800 ml

A little wolfberry

Affordable amount of brown sugar


1. Red beans, lotus seeds, and white fungus one night in advance.

2. Tear the soaked white fungus into small flowers. Put the red beans in the mixer with the lotus seeds, add water, break it out, put it in the pot and cook it for 30 minutes.Cross sugar, wolfberry can be eaten.

Tremella is rich in gum. It is easy to make delicate nutrition with lotus seeds and red beans. It is not only delicious but also good. It is very suitable for breakfast.If you have a soymilk machine at home, you can use your own measuring cup. It will be simpler and convenient to choose the function of rice paste.

If you are a girl who is losing weight, you ca n’t sleep hungry at night, try to drink a bowl of Tremella soup (without sugar, no lotus seeds), and it is not easy to get fat!It will not have a full sense of guilt, nor hungry and can’t sleep. After all, the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night is uncomfortable!Uncomfortable!Uncomfortable!

Breeding a new life is undoubtedly a major event for young parents.We are often willing to do anything "useful" for their birth.However, bird’s nest is not necessary.Spending more money, the results are not equal. We can use the money in a more meaningful place for children. This psychological satisfaction is better than the psychological comfort brought by bird’s nest.Ordinary people can also obtain sufficient nutrition through ordinary food.

Of course, it is not possible to eat bird’s nest. Some people like to stew the fragrance after stewed bird’s nest, and also enjoy the silky feeling of the bird’s nest in the mouth. As long as it is a regular product, there is no problem with processing quarantine.There is no problem, just be happy, but don’t be too superstitious about the magical effect of the bird’s nest, take the bird’s nest as "nutritional product".Daily nutritional balance, happy mood, not staying up late, appropriate exercise, and regular diet, this is the ancient truth.

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