Bing Rongmei Zixiang Original serialized "Eighteen" Pregnancy

Mei was pregnant, and she couldn’t see it from her face.I asked, "Did he know?" "Not yet." "Fight!" My first reaction had a lot of hatred for this sudden gadget, and I predicted that it would cause me troubleEven destruction.

"Impossible! I want it." Mei said was not high, but very resolute.I knew that opposition was invalid, and I cigarette again.Mei got up and left, I didn’t want to stop it.

After smoking a box of cigarettes, I walked out of the tea club.Along the shore of Xuanwu Lake, the shadow of the Sun Palace gradually dimmed, and the night in April was still cold. I immersed my whole body in the lake, hoping that my thoughts could be a little clearer.

Why?Since he doesn’t love him, why should he have a baby for him?Since it is good now, why should I toss a small trick to replace me?Why don’t you tell me earlier?I can’t think of the answer.

The surface of the water, I put on my clothes and continued to go forward. When I could see the outline of the "Little White House", I went home.

Miner may touch my hotness, pull me up, and get to the hospital.After the fever, I touched my phone. It was not bad. No one was walking in the shore’s clothes pockets.I saw such a one in my hairbox:

Lonely night Meiyu destroys the flowers alone,

Wet step Qinhuai is difficult to return home.

Wuyun covers the moon nowhere.

Xiaoyanghe was drunk.

Yes, the only thing I want to do now is to buy drunk.Mei has her own child. All her energy will be restrained by that little thing, and she will never need my company. What else can I do?No one pays attention to my text. Although they are not gorgeous enough and rigorous, they are all my true feelings:

Dajiangdong will not look back

People fall in love with the river

The soul drama is not the cippling

It’s hard to meet the water

Cold night

Feng Xiao Xiao Xiao

The rain is also Xiao Xiao

Lover without returning

Cold heart

Love is also cold

Eternal Book

Nothing and dreamy

Bother with the column

Love leisurely


Sleepy Night

Who else is read now?

After more than two months, I drank a lot one night. I couldn’t stand the persuasion of several brothers and came to Xing Haoyue.I was fully let’s take their cohesion, and I was no longer me.They brought a thick straw, cutting a small gap in about one -third of them with small scissors, pouring the dry noodle -like medicine powder, and then putting it in the nostrils.Some people tear up the cigarette case, take out the tin foil inside, bake it with a fire machine, and take it even more.A big ticket that Mommy received, I didn’t look up, and pulled one at hand, which also made them pour two, and then I was not impressed.

The craziest that night was me. They later mentioned that I don’t know how to get up with the big Chen bumper, and then remove the "Remember me!" From the waist! "

I didn’t have consciousness until the doctor gave me anesthetic.I have done gastroscopy many times. Although my old friend, to be honest, the taste is really not affordable!Besides, you have to bring a small clip this time!I really have a dead heart!Doctors have no mercy on people like me. They stabbed in machinery, as if it was not the throat of a living person, the esophagus of the living, and the stomach of the living person, just complete the task."Dang Dang" sounded, "Remember me!" Falling on the metal plate, my heart followed.

After returning home, I touched her again and found that her luster was still still, and it was as light as usual.I thought about it, or hung her on the car key.

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