Bill Gates 26 -year -old woman showing her pregnant belly and she was presented to her pregnancy, Jennifer’s hand -held pregnancy is full of expectations

On November 25, Microsoft founder Bill Gates’s eldest daughter Jennifer Catherine Gates and her daughter’s husband Nayer Nasar jointly posted on the social platform and wrote a text, and wrote the text: Thanks.

The 26 -year -old blond hair shawl was wearing a loose dark silk dress, snuggling to her husband, holding a stranded pregnant belly with one hand.Her husband Nayer was pocked on the wall of the stone wall and looked chic.

The other is Jennifer’s single photo. She relied on the stone wall, gently stroking her pregnant belly with one hand, her head slowly lowered her eyes and full of love, and she looked at her pregnant belly with a shallow smile.Yes, she must be looking forward to being a mother at this time.According to the size of the pregnant belly, it must be at least six or seven months during pregnancy.

After the dynamic sent out, friends and netizens posted a post to bless their lives into a new stage.Jennifer’s mother Melinda Gates happily wrote in the comment area: I look forward to seeing this little guy and watching you as a parent, I am very excited.

Jennifer Catherine Gates is the eldest daughter of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. Although she is the daughter of the richest man, she has very good education.It is reported that her travel is not a luxury car, and she only regards herself as an ordinary person with better family conditions.

Jennifer’s hobbies are relatively simple, that is, equestrian, but this is also a hobby of burning money.When she was 17 years old, Bill Gates specially spent $ 8.7 million to buy a racecaper to use the equestrian use for her daughter.

Her husband Nayer and Jennifer were the alumni of Stanford, and the two came together because of the same equestrian hobby.Later, the two held a wedding at a racecourse. It is said that this racecourse was purchased by Bill Gates with a $ 16 million. In order to create the most luxurious and dreamy ritual, the wedding equipment alone spent $ 2 million.In order to make her daughter live well after marriage, Bill Gates also bought her a set of apartments worth $ 5 million near the school in Manhattan.

It is said that those who attend the wedding are all internationally non -rich or expensive celebrities, and non -ordinary people can reach it.

Nasal is five years older than Jennifer. Although he operates real estate and decoration business, his financial resources are far less than the woman’s family, but Gates does not care.As a high student in Stanford, Nasar is not only proficient in multi -language, but also an excellent equestrian athlete, and is interested in Jennifer.Jennifer said more than once: he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

Sister Jennifer has entered a new stage of life, and her sister and brother are equally good.Not only have they entered a well -known school, but they also have excellent grades. They are not "unable to support Adou".

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