Big S was exposed to pregnancy for 2 months, and the mother S had faked to Taiwan media in person.

In the past two days, Da S has been exposed to two months of pregnancy. He has to have children for Ge Junzhang, and public opinion has been making trouble.Many people can’t help but blame Big S to speak like farting. For the old, they will break through the bottom line again. The previous vowing head will lead to a lot of ridicule.

You know, since the remarriage of Da S, he vowed to say that he would not get married or went to South Korea and had children.But with the sweet love of Gu Junyu, it became an empty words after all.In order to have Junjun Da S, I really do n’t even have life. Sure enough, true love is unobstructed, and there must be a child to give him a child regardless of life.

Therefore, everyone dare not believe this time, more shocked.For the 46 -year -old big S, not only the elderly mother, ordinary people will be very dangerous, not to mention that she also has an old epilepsy.When I had a second child, I recounted the old illness, and I almost couldn’t even keep it.

As a result, the body is particularly bad, and she relies on drugs to maintain it all year round. But this is the case. She dares to have a child who is pregnant for Ge Jun.This is to change your child. If so, will you have happiness at that time?It is likely that Ge Junzheng lost his wife.

It is also mentioned in the news that Da S is currently 2 months pregnant and it is not very stable, so there is no disclosure to the outside world.But for such a breaking news, Mom S couldn’t sit still, and personally fake the Taiwan media in person. How could it be possible?

It is undoubtedly telling everyone that wearing big S pregnancy is fake. There is no such thing as a rumor. It is not true.But I did not expect that the response of Da S’s mother was ridiculed by netizens: there are fewer faces.

It looks down on her meaning, but it is no wonder that netizens will feel this way. From the divorce of Da S, her work has never followed the idea of S’s mother. It is often the opposite of s. How to do it right?How to come.The more S, the more S -mother thinks it is impossible, but the big S is really doing it.

Therefore, not only did you not believe in the response of Mom S, but he was ridiculed. He felt that she did not know her daughter too much, and she could do what she would do at all.Judging from the current situation, Da S is immersed in the honeypot of love in order to Gao Junyu a lot, enjoying his own free and freedom.

However, no matter how sweet and loving the two are, they still can’t get the blessings of their family. This family is not a big S family, but a mother of Junjun.We all know that she has always wanted to see Gu Junye’s marriage and having children. As a single pass, even in the concept of Koreans, he wants to pass on to generation.

But Junjun finally married Da S. Whether from the perspective of age or old disease, she could not renew the incense of Ge Jun.Therefore, he has never been recognized by her mother -in -law, and has not seen each other until now.After experiencing the last marriage, Big S also knew that only by being recognized by everyone’s blessings can we realize true happiness.

Therefore, it would be reasonable to please her mother -in -law to be pregnant.However, no matter whether it is S’s Mom’s statement or online public opinion so far, it cannot be confirmed that it is true.In the end, whether the truth is pregnant, I believe that time will give us the answer. At that time, the rumors are true, but it is really wonderful.

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