Beware!The warm baby can actually burn people

In winter, the weather is very cold, especially in the Northeast side, lighting down jackets cannot resist the cold in the winter of the Northeast.Therefore, warm baby and hot water bottle are the must -have items in winter.Especially for some girls who love and beauty, don’t look at them wearing tight pants in the down jacket, but in fact they also have their own secret weapons, that is, warm baby.

But in recent years, more and more people have been burned by the news that the news has been revealed.Before, I have never believed that warm babies can burn people.Because in winter, I often use warm baby to keep warm.When the weather is particularly cold, I will also warm the baby in the clothes.Baby Nuan is really heating artifact in that cold weather.

Once I took a closer look at the warm baby’s outer packaging, it read on it to prevent low temperature burns.I checked on the Internet before I realized that our skin contact is not just that things with high contact temperature will be burned. If our skin is touched with low temperature for a long time, it will occur.If the temperature is high, it will immediately appear a large redness of redness or blisters in our skin.And if the skin is touched with low temperature for a long time, he will cause our dermal deep tissue to be burned.This is also different from high temperature burns, but this also attracts our attention.

When I returned to my hometown of my hometown last year, I bought a lot of warm babies and brought past when I was afraid of cold.Grandpa and grandma have also seen this kind of thing for the first time. I also left some of them to keep them warm.Speaking of this, I did something wrong. I only left a warm baby for my grandparents, and I did not teach them how to use it correctly.One day, Grandma had a stomach pain and posted a warm baby on her body.The warmth of the warm baby helped grandma to relieve great stomach pain.However, when the grandmother’s stomach did not hurt, the warm baby happened to be heated anymore. After tearing the warm baby, the position was red.At that time, Grandma didn’t care about it, thinking that this was very normal, and there was no too much to control him.The next day, Grandma also felt the fun of sticking to the baby baby, so she posted a warm baby in that part.In which part of Grandma has been posted for about two or three days in a row.When I removed the warm baby on the third day, I found any part of the blisters.

When I saw my grandmother was blisted by the warm baby, I felt very guilty.Because I don’t use it to use it correctly.When grandma used, he posted the warm baby directly on his skin instead of clothes, which was the main reason for being burned by low temperature.In fact, the warm baby is the same as the hot water bottle. If it does not follow the correct method, it is also very easy to cause burns.Afterwards, I took my grandmother to the hospital to buy some medicines for the treatment.The doctor told me that this burns are actually different from high temperature burns. This low temperature burns are more difficult to treat.Because it is deep skin, it is traumatized, and it is very difficult to recover.If the high temperature is burned, it will be recovered after a period of time.

Although the warm baby is very friendly for the winter in the north.But also be careful not to use it for a long time.Baby Nuanbao must also be used in accordance with the right way.When you buy it, you must choose a regular product produced by regular manufacturers. Do not buy those three -free products because they are greedy for cheap.When sticking to the warm baby, try to put the warm baby on the outer clothes, and you must not directly put it on the skin, because this is very easy to burn.

All in all, don’t be greedy, although warm baby is good.Especially for some elderly people or some children, the guardian must play a role in protecting, and it must be prepared to prevent low temperature burns.

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