Behind "Girls’ Millions of Village Divisions": The mother said that her daughter was on the streets when she was young, and she had a child at the age of 14

The seemingly simple village party secretary was scammed by a woman, and there may be other illegal crimes behind it.

Recently, a Weibo broke the news about "village secretary was deceived by girls for more than 1 million yuan".On July 17th, the first trial judgment obtained by the surging news ( showed that Liu Moumou, who was born in October 1997, was charged with the autumn of 2016 with the victim Hu Mouyin.Later, the students in school were impersonated to conceal the fact that they had dropped out of school and got married and had children. They had deceived Hu Mouyin more than 1.43 million yuan of stolen money to splurge on the grounds of asking for the matters of middle school and college tuition fees.

The Lanling County Court of Linyi, Shandong made a first trial of the case on July 7.The court determined that the defendant Liu Moumou was criminal, sentenced to five years in prison, and fined 100,000 yuan.After being ordered by Liu Moumou, within 30 days after the verdict came into effect, he refunded the victim Hu Mouyin more than 413,800 yuan.

The testimony of the evidence Chen in the judgment attracted the attention of netizens.Chen Mou said that when he met Liu Moumou in 2012, Liu Moumou was pregnant, and the child he gave birth to settled with him.Some netizens believe that according to this, when Liu Moumou has sex with others, he is suspected of being under 14 years old.

On July 18, the mother of the defendant Liu Moumou told Peng Mei News that after the judgment of the first instance, she had asked the lawyer to write an appeal and report letter for her daughter.Because he had served his sentence in prison and was negligible to his daughter Liu Moumou, Liu Moumou gave birth in August 2012 and was under 15 years of age. He did not know who his child was.

On the same day, a staff member of the Government of Shenshan Town, Lanling County told Peng Mei News that Hu Mouyin had indeed served as a village party secretary, but has been removed from office.

Photos of Liu Moumou and children.Source: Liu Moumou’s relatives

Is it a support or funding relationship?The relationship between the defendant and the victim is different

Liu Moumou, born on October 17, 1997, is a native of Lanling County, Shandong Province. He is elementary culture. He was detained on February 21, 2021 for suspected fraud. He was arrested on March 30 of the same year.Essence

How does Liu Moumou meet the victim Hu Mouyin, and what is the relationship between the two?The two parties have different opinions.

The judgment showed that the victim Hu Mouyin said that in May 2016, he met the waiter Liu Moumou while eating at the hotel.She said that family difficulties were difficult. The stepmother did not let her go to school. The two left the phone each other, added WeChat, and then started contacting.

According to Hu Mouyin, Liu Moumou said that he needed tuition fees to go to high school, and he funded 7,000 yuan in cash.One or two months later, Liu Moumou contacted Hu Mouyin to a hotel in the county seat, and the two had a sexual relationship.

Hu Mouyin said that Liu Moumou asked for living expenses, and he transferred hundreds of yuan or one or two thousand yuan through WeChat.In the summer of 2017, Liu Moumou said that he had obtained Guangzhou Ocean University and needed tuition fees. He transferred more than 130,000 yuan through WeChat.In 2018, Liu Moumou said that he had transferred to Peking University, sent him a position, and asked for the tuition of 130,000 yuan.In August 2019, Liu Moumou said that he needed surgery at school. He was hospitalized for three or four months, and he transferred more than 430,000 yuan.Around 2020, Liu Moumou said that he was trained in South Korea. The recurrence of old diseases needed treatment. He successively transferred more than 310,000 yuan.

Hu Mouyin said that he had a total transfer of more than 1.36 million yuan, and had three sexual relationships with Liu Moumou. It was Liu Moumou’s initiative to propose a sexual relationship.He did not take the initiative to transfer Liu Moumou, all of which asked Liu Moumou’s living expenses, tolls, and illnesses for various reasons.Liu Moumou promised to pay back the money in the future, and also said that she worked in the State Council. He believed that it would be beneficial in the future. In the end, he saw Liu Moumou holding a video of his child and suspected that he was deceived.

The surging news noticed that the confession of the defendant Liu Moumou was different from Hu Mouyin.According to Liu Moumou’s confession, she was introduced by people and met with Hu Mouyin in sexual transactions.

The judgment showed that Liu Moumou confessed that after graduating from elementary school, she worked at home after graduating from elementary school.In April 2016, she ordered a relative with Bu Mouzhou. She was pregnant in June of the same year. She was registered in October 2017 and divorced in May 2020.

Liu Moumou said that about five or six years ago, she prostitution at a street at Wucha intersection hotel in Lanling County. The boss introduced him to Hu Mouyin as a student.In the meantime, he lied that he was studying in universities in Guangzhou and Beijing, and asked Hu for about 10,000 yuan to ask Hu Yin every semester.During the pregnancy from June 2016 to April 2017, the two chatted via WeChat, and they asked Hu Mou Yin for money on the grounds of illness.In August 2019, he lied that he needed to be hospitalized during his university in Guangzhou. Hu Mouyin transferred more than 100,000 yuan.In February 2020, he lied that he was hospitalized in South Korea and asked Hu Mouyin for 1200,000 yuan.The money was consumed with his ex -husband and could not pay it back to Hu Mouyin.

What is the relationship between Hu Mouyin and Liu Moumou?Liu Moumou’s mother also told Peng Mei News that when Hu Mouyin met her daughter, Hu Mouyin was 54 years old. At that time, her daughter was fourteen or five years old.

On the evening of the 17th, Hu Mouyin did not respond to his identity. He said that he and Liu Moumou were funding relationships, not in supporting relationships, and never lived together. He denied that he met Liu Moumou during his sexual transaction.Hu Mouyin said that from 2016 to 2020, he had three sexual relationships with Liu Moumou in the hotel, and "no payment" was not a sexual transaction.He later realized that he was deceived. Half a year later, he called the police.

14 -year -old produced a child, or the "case in the case" of sexual assaulting young girls

The public prosecution agency has accused the defendant Liu Moumou who has met with Hu Mouyin in the autumn of 2016 and possesses the fact that he has dropped out of school, married and has children, and obtained the trust of Hu Mouyin to ask for tuition fees, medical expenses in college, and medical expenses.The training fee, living expenses and other matters have been deceived by Hu Mou Yin RMB more than 1.43 million yuan, and the stolen money is used for splurge.

The Lanling County Procuratorate believes that the defendant Liu Moumou scammed the property of others, and the amount was particularly huge. His behavior violated the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China and should be held criminally responsible for fraud.

During the trial, the defendant Liu Moumou argued that she did not make a reason for fraud and did not constitute a crime of fraud.

Surging news noticed that there were testimony of six witnesses in the judgment.

Chen’s testimony said that in 2012, he met Liu Moumou through a friend’s introduction. At that time, Liu Moumou was pregnant. Her parents were serving in prison in prison. Out of sympathy, he paid 5,000 yuan to Liu Moumou for giving birth to children.Because he did not have a child after marriage, he settled his child under his name, but did not know who his father was.In 2019, his sentence was released. He was broadcast live in the fast hand. Liu Moumou went to his live broadcast room to brush the gift. The two were familiar with and determined the relationship between men and women.Liu Moumou and her mother did not work, and looked at the children at home.Liu Moumou usually spent his money. He once questioned that Liu Moumou said that it was given by his ex -husband during the divorce.

Liu Moumou’s ex -husband confirmed that Liu Moumou was his ex -wife. He was a passenger car seller before, with a monthly salary of about 2,000 yuan.In 2017, Liu Moumou was pregnant, and he suspected that his child was not his own, and the two had contradictions.Later, he discovered that Liu Moumou and Chen surfed the Internet together, and then the two divorced.During pregnancy, Liu Moumou had no income.During the marriage duration, Liu Moumou’s usual life is to eat and drink, as well as after divorce.

Liu Moumou’s mother and defense lawyer Zhou Yanyan told Peng Mei News that Liu Moumou was born on October 17, 1997. Her first child’s birth date was the 10th day of the lunar calendar in the lunar calendar 2012 (August 26, 2012 (August 26, 2012To.

Liu Moumou’s mother said that when Liu Moumou gave birth to the first child, she was serving the sentence and did not know who the child’s father was.After being released from prison, she learned that while she was serving with her ex -husband, Liu Moumou, who was only 12 years old at the time, lived on the streets and lived on the streets.Treatment.

Liu Moumou’s mother said that Liu Moumou could not determine who the first child’s father was. Since Chen did not have a child, he settled his first child under the name of Chen.

On July 17, Surging News called Chen many times, and the phone showed that it had stopped.

The court believes that it is in line with fraud, and the existing evidence cannot determine the relationship between the two.

In this fraud case, the relationship between Liu Moumou and Hu Mouyin was more critical. The defense opinion of the defendant’s "raising relationship" was not accepted by the court.

The court tried that when Liu Moumou had been engaged with others, he knew the identity and the victim of fictional students. In order to study the college required tuition fees and the need for hospitalization, medical expenses were required to obtain 41,3800 yuan for the victim’s property.The statement of statement, WeChat transfer records, and WeChat chat records, mobile phone SMS records, etc. are confirmed in the case. The criminal constituent elements that meet the crime of fraud are in line with the existing evidence.

On July 7, 2023, the Lanling County People’s Court made a first -instance judgment on the case, and the defendant Liu Moumou was convicted of fraud, sentenced to five years in prison, and fined 100,000 yuan.The defendant Liu Moumou lost RMB 41,3800 for the victim Hu Mouyin’s economy within 30 days after the effectiveness of this verdict.The crime tool OPPO mobile phone is confiscated.

Regarding the results of the first trial made by the court, on the 17th, Liu Yanyan, Liu Moumou’s defense lawyer, told Peng Mei News that she had submitted an appeal to the court. Because it was not public trial, the specific defense details could not be disclosed.

Lawyer Zhou Yanyan proposed in an interview with surging news that there was no verification of the facts of the case clearly. For example, the relationship between Liu Moumou and Hu Mouyin, the accurate time, amount, number, and amount of the scams wereBased on lies, etc.

Liu Moumou’s mother said that in the past situation of her daughter, she has submitted a report letter to many local departments, and she has not received an echo."In the past few years, I have never given up this case, and I can run away."

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