Before you are pregnant, before you have to celebrate, the baby is "away" quietly!What is going on?

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Some female friends, they are pregnant, but before they have to celebrate, the baby has "left" quietly.What is going on?Come to listen to Zhang Fuqing, the director of the Gantry Genetics Section of Zhengzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Biochemical pregnancy refers to an early abortion that occurs within 5 weeks of pregnancy. The HCG can be detected in the blood, which is more than 25 mLU/ml or a positive urine pregnancy test.Known as the "sub -clinical abortion".

1 The fertilized egg itself is defective

The quality of sperm and eggs depends on the key to pregnancy success or not. Whether it is sperm or poor egg quality, it will cause the quality of fertilized eggs to decrease.It takes 3-4 days to go back to the uterine cavity in the uterine cavity. If the quality of the fertilized egg is not good, it will cause no enough "strength" to go to the uterus, or there is no enough "strength" to bed after arriving at the uterus,I had to choose to leave.It is recommended to check the men’s semen, the women’s ovulation monitoring, and even the chromosome of both sides to find possible causes of the occurrence.

2 uterine function abnormalities

Factors such as uterine dysplasia, submucosal fibroids, endometrium polyps, uterine cavity adhesion, and endometrial tuberculosis can all cause fertilized eggs to "camping" in the uterus.

3 Insufficient hormone secretion

Ovarian luteal function is abnormal and insufficient secretion of progesterone can also hinder the fertilized eggs in bed.It is recommended to check the measurement of uterus, endometrium, and menstrual cycle hormones to determine whether there are problems in this area.

4 Immune antibody "disagreement"

Divided into two cases of the same kind of immunity and autoimmune.The same kind of immune: sperm, sperm, or fertilized eggs are antigen substances. After being absorbed by the vagina and uterine epithelium, antibody substances are generated by immune response, so that sperm and eggs cannot be combined or fertilized eggs cannot be bed;Transparent with its own antibodies, which can prevent the sperm from penetrating the eggs after transparent reaction, thereby prevent fertilization.It is recommended to check the immune antibody and closed antibody to determine whether there are problems in this area.

5 Psychological pressure is too large

Some women or elderly women in the workplace are under great pressure on pregnancy, leading to excessive mental stress, and cause serious anxiety, which will also affect the bed process of fertilized eggs.It is recommended to prepare scientifically to regulate the body and mind during pregnancy, and fully prepare for the baby’s arrival.

6 External factors affect

Female friends smoke (including second -hand cigarettes), drinking, contacting chemical poisons, severe noise and vibration, unusually emotional excitement, high -temperature environment, etc., can cause placental and fetal injuries and abortion.

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1. Contracery within half a year after abortion, and pregnancy after half a year can reduce the occurrence of miscarriage.

2. To do genetic examinations, both couples receive chromosomal examinations at the same time.

3. Make blood type identification, including RH blood type identification.

4. For drugs for luteal dysfunction, the use time should exceed the pregnancy period of the last miscarriage. If the last time was aborted in March, the treatment time should not be less than 3 months from the beginning of pregnancy.

5. The thyroid function is low. When the thyroid function is restored to normal before pregnancy, we should also take anti -nor nomidic drugs during pregnancy.

6. Pay attention to rest and avoid intercourse (especially during the pregnancy period of the last miscarriage), emotional stability, regular life.

7. The man should do the examination of the reproductive system. If the bacteria are spermatogenically, the wife should be treated completely before conceiving the wife.

8. Avoid contact with toxic substances and radioactive substances.

1: Biochemical pregnancy is a natural choice of survival of the fittest. If you encounter such a situation, you don’t have to be too nervous. Biochemical pregnancy generally does not affect the next pregnancy.Unless this happens many times, it is necessary to go to the hospital for further detailed examinations to find the cause and targeted treatment.

2: It is generally recommended to rest for 3 months to 6 months, so that the uterus has enough time to improve its own adverse status and break away from the external environment that is not good for embryo development.Biochemical pregnancy is a natural elimination. Unlike the adverse effects of uterine endometrium, it is not necessary to have special treatment and can continue to conceive.

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