Before pregnancy?There are two causes that are easy to ignore by doctors

I believe that the loss of children is a huge pain for any parents.

However, Danison, who had experienced two miscarriage, chose to face it calmly after the pain and shared her experience with you on Facebook.

The first child, Annabelle, prematurely served on the 8th Friday day of pregnancy.

The child on the palm is smaller than Danison’s fingers, and he can even put it in his wedding ring.

Her second child, Riley, may die in less than eight weeks of pregnancy.She is obviously smaller than Annabelle, and even her fingers have not formed.

Danison showed these photos, expressing that although the child left early, he still loved them.She said that these photos will always be kept, and they will always remember them.

Fortunately, after two pains, Danison is about to usher in a pair of twins, as if Riley and Annabelle are not willing to give this expectant mother again and renew again.

Multiple abortion experiences will cause female friends and their family spirit to be harmed. In real life, there are not a few expectant mothers who have repeated abortion. I often hear this: —— Obviously be careful, why not keep it!~

— Knowing that you are pregnant, you will immediately take a leave to go home and get home. This time, I still have to give up.

– Except for going to the toilet and walking, basically spent in bed, and did not check the reason why it was not checked to the hospital, it was to prevent the fate of abortion.

In the face of abortion again and again, most women have a strong negative mentality. Not many people can be as strong, positive, and optimistic as Danison, and they can be accepted frankly in the face of abortion.

It has obviously done routine inspections including reproductive tract, endocrine and infection, and the results are normal, but the reasons for repetitive abortion cannot be found.

In fact, some repeated abortion may be related to these two more inner factors:

In fact, the immune system plays a great role in pregnancy.

The semi -gene of fertilized eggs will be identified by the mother’s immune system as a foreign body like viruses and bacteria.

In normal human body, there will be a regulation mechanism that allows the immune system to not exclude embryos and protect the embryo.If the mother’s immune system is abnormal, the embryo will be rejected, which will cause abortion.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, it is related to diseases such as liver and kidney weakness.

The blood flow near the placenta is very abundant, and the fetus is delivered to the fetus through the umbilicus.

If the blood vessels supplying blood vessels with blood supply to the placenta, nutrients will not keep up, the baby’s development is not good, and it will cause miscarriage over time.

This situation is related to the cold cell palace of Chinese medicine, or inadequate blood and blood, and is also a kind of high cure rate.

The reason why these two causes are easily ignored, because they both happen during pregnancy, or for long -term bed in pregnant women, and it is difficult to be discovered when the pregnancy examination is not detailed.

In response to these two causes, both traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine have used medicine prescriptions for treatment.

In this regard, some people have doubts: "Will pregnant women medication have adverse effects on their children?"

In fact, in clinical practice, neither Chinese and Western medicine found that taking drugs that were allowed to use will have an impact on the fetus.

Instead, some clear autoimmune diseases (such as lupus erythematosus, dryness, etc.) must take some drugs to prevent fetal cardiac block or abortion during pregnancy.

What do you do after you as a expectant mother?

Balanced diet, regular quantitative diet, 3: 7, and then add additional food and nutrition.

If nutrients are supplemented, Spirulina is a good choice. Spirulina contains not only a large amount of folic acid, but also provides a variety of high -quality proteins for pregnant women.

The appropriate amount of outdoor activities can increase the qi and blood circulation of pregnant women and babies, improve metabolism and absorption, and enhance the absorption of nutrients through exercise, which is more effective than any supplements and health products.

Tourism is a very suitable movement of pregnant women; the location is suitable for fresh and small places such as tree -lined roads, riverside, and parks.Not only can it be comfortable, but it can also promote the blood circulation of the body, enhance the strength of abdominal muscles and pelvic muscles and ligaments, and successfully produce babies during childbirth.

While regularly do a detailed pregnancy test to prevent abortion, and do a good job of screening of various congenital diseases.For example, poverty, Tang’s syndrome, etc.

There are some maternity germs that are weak and need to be supplemented. If you do n’t know your own situation, it is best to consult a doctor during a pregnancy test, or ask your familiar health doctor to formulate a plan according to your personal physique.Blind supplement.

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