Beer = liquid bread?Do not drink beer in these 6 people

Beer is a good heart of many people, and there is a "liquid bread".Because of this name, many people think that beer is good for health, and it is okay to drink more and drink too much.Is this really the case?

Part 1: Is the nutrition of beer comparable to bread?

Beer is based on large malt, hills, and water as the main raw material, and is made of carbon dioxide -filled with carbon dioxide with carbon dioxide.

Now that beer is "liquid bread", we compare 100 grams of bread with the nutritional components of 1 listening to beer.

1. Energy comparison

You need to drink 3 listening to beer to get the energy contained in 100 grams of noodles, but it should be noted that the energy in the bread is mainly from carbohydrates, but beer is mainly provided by alcohol.

In this regard, beer is a liquid bread, which is a bit exaggerated.

2. Nutrient comparison

Compared with the vitamins B1, B2 contained in the two, and calcium, iron and zinc, etc., the content of the two is found that there is a fight, and some high points and low points.

From this point of view, the advantage of drinking beer compared with liquor is that some nutrients can be obtained at the same time.But it does not mean that encouraging everyone to drink beer every day to get these nutrients from it. The healthy practice should still be obtained from various foods.

Let everyone understand the comparison of beer and bread nutrients more intuitive.

To sum up: Although beer contains some nutrients, it cannot be an excuse for everyone to open their belly to drink beer.After all, beer contains alcohol, and often drinking alcohol is harmful to health.

In the "Dietary Guide of Chinese Residents (2022)", it is recommended that adults drink no more than 15 grams of alcohol to drink a day, that is, adults should not drink more than 450 ml beer a day.It’s too late!

Part 2: These 6 types of people cannot drink alcohol

Do not drink beer in these 6 types of people.

1. Pregnant women and children

Fetails and children are growing and development, and alcohol can damage their normal growth and development.Therefore, pregnant women and children should prohibit drinking.

2. Diabetes

Alcohol intake can cause blood sugar fluctuations, which is not conducive to blood sugar control.Drinking on an empty stomach may cause hypotension.Therefore, people with diabetes must be resolutely said to alcohol!

3. People with digestive tract diseases

If people with gastrointestinal diseases drink alcohol, they will stimulate lesions, cause discomfort and pain, and even gastrointestinal bleeding.

4. Patients with liver disease

People with liver disease have poor liver function, alcoholic metabolism increases the burden on the liver, causing more serious damage to liver cells.

5. People who are easy to blush after wine

Don’t listen to what everyone said to drink, people who can drink on their faces are nonsense!The human body that is easy to blush after drinking usually lacks acetaldehyde dehydrase, so that the acetaldehyde cannot be metabolized in time and accumulate in the body, which causes damage to the body.

Tips for friendship:

Can’t drink driving!You need to explain this.Some people think that the degree of beer is low, drinking a little bit, and not dizzy.Unfortunately, the traffic police’s alcohol tester is not dizzy.For the safety of others and yourself, let’s bear it!I can’t help but find a driving on behalf of the car.

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