Beauty hot moms have tumors in their mouths during pregnancy.

Beauty hot moms have tumors in their mouths during pregnancy.

On May 25, in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Xiaoyan looked at her 5 -month -old son with her mobile phone, and her eyes were full of tears.

She said she really wanted to go back to her son to hug him, but she was afraid that her bloody face would scare him

When Xiaoyan was 8 months pregnant, there was a tumor in her mouth.The doctor suggested her induction of labor and resection.Xiaoyan refused.

A month later, his son was born safely, but Xiaoyan postponed the treatment.Now, she secretly wandered in Shenzhen thousands of miles away from home, trying to raise money by herself.

In the past, Xiaoyan was also a beautiful woman.My father died very early.There are only one mother and brother in my family.After graduating from high school, girls in Mianyang Village, Sichuan Province came to Guangxi to study beauty alone.

Next to the beauty salon is a hairdressing shop.Xiaoyan often goes to wash her hair.She met her future husband Zhao Ming.In a strange city, two young people cherish and support each other.

In 2016, they established a relationship.Although their lives are unstable, they still get married without hesitation.

Because Zhao Ming’s family was in Hubei, the two were too far away. Xiaoyan’s mother strongly opposed the marriage, but Xiaoyan was unwilling to compromise for love.

On January 27, 2019, Xiaoyan and Zhao Ming held a simple wedding in Hubei Province.The couple paid a 120 -square -meter house in the county.On March 19, Xiaoyan found that she was pregnant.She was looking forward to a happy day of birth, and a family of three moved into a new home.

However, the accident came inadvertently and crushed Xiaoyan’s beautiful vision.

In November last year, when Xiaoyan was 8 months pregnant, she was holding a jujube block in her mouth.She went to the hospital for examination.Doctors judge that it is tumor and needs to be removed immediately for further examination.

Xiaoyan said: "My physique is too weak, weighs more than 80 pounds, so I grow up this tumor." "No matter how long you live, it doesn’t matter if you can look at your child grow up."

The doctor told her that the operation would take at least 8 hours to remove it. If the fetus was given medicine, the fetus was likely to be unable to survive.

Doctors suggested that Xiaoyan induced labor first, and then remove the tumor.Xiaoyan hesitated.

"The child is 8 months old." I don’t want to kill him."After careful consideration, Xiaoyan decided to suspend surgery and let the child born safely.

On the evening of December 11, Xiaoyan nose was bleeding.She was likely to feel the tumor in her mouth was serious.

She was sent to the county maternal and child health care hospital by her family overnight, and she had a cesarean section at noon the next day.

Because premature birth and weight are too light, the baby was put in the insulation box.Xiaoyan was worried about the safety of the baby and faced the unknown destiny.

On December 19, Xiaoyan was taken to Tongji Hospital of Wuhan and was diagnosed with glandular cystic cancer after biopsy.

At this time, the tumor in Xiaoyan’s mouth was as large as two dates.

The doctor said that it needed to remove the right upper jaw half of the right upper jaw, including the mouth and right nose as soon as possible, which cost 150,000 yuan.

"I want to die." Xiao Yan said, Xiaoyan said, this was her first reaction.

Yes, a girl who used to be so beautiful cannot accept such a cruel ending.

Xiaoyan didn’t eat or sleep for a few days. Until one day, her mother -in -law called her from her hometown and saw her son’s smile on the video.Xiao Yan thought: "I have to live."

Because Xiaoyan’s father -in -law had spent all the savings at home before he died, and the cost of caesarean section and his son’s cost in the incubator were almost 40,000 yuan.

The surgery scheduled to be performed on January 3 this year, due to insufficient treatment costs, can only go home to sell houses and borrow money.

Because of the special period, Xiaoyan’s illness was postponed again.

Until April 6 this year, Xiaoyan and her husband signed a house transfer agreement.They hurried to the hospital with 130,000 yuan.

At this time, Xiaoyan’s condition was not what he looked like 3 months ago.The tumor has been supported, so that the mouth cannot be closed, and the face is severely distorted.

After comprehensive evaluation of the hospital, it was believed that the operation was too difficult and could only be transferred to the hospital.

Xiaoyan and her husband came to Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital.The hospital said that from chemotherapy, radiotherapy to resection, the cost is at least 500,000.

This caused Xiaoyan and her husband to fall into the bottom of the heart.Xiaoyan didn’t know that she was ugly, and life was the most important.

Husband promised her: "No matter how much money, no matter what the way, it will be cured." With her husband, Xiaoyan felt that death was worth it.

As a result, her husband stayed in his hometown in Hubei and continued to raise funds.Xiaoyan returned to his hometown in Sichuan to borrow money.

However, Xiaoyan’s brother is just an ordinary security guard. One son and a daughter have a monthly salary of only 3,000 yuan, so he can’t afford Xiaoyan’s treatment fee.

Xiaoyan said that she wanted to give up several times, but when she thought that her son hadn’t grown up and her son hadn’t finished her breast milk, she couldn’t even hold her son. Xiaoyan was unwilling. She was unwilling to end like this.

Xiaoyan wanted to save people in her own way. She only asked herself and did not tell her husband and everyone.

A person from Mianyang to Chengdu, from Chengdu to Guangzhou, from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, there are many people there, there is no so -called shame.

Maybe, I can meet a kind person on the street, willing to help her survive

Twenty days later, Xiaoyan raised 3,000 yuan, and the operating cost of 500,000 yuan was insignificant.

A few days ago, Xiaoyan was only 130 yuan.She decided to go to the store to buy a set of short sleeves and pants with better quality.

Xiaoyan said that if she can’t raise money to die, she doesn’t want to wait for her son to grow up before being told that "your mother hasn’t even bought you clothes."

Xiaoyan said she did not apologize to anyone in her life.The only thing she regrets is her son.

Xiaoyan is not afraid of death.What she was most afraid of was that someone said to her son, "Your mother died for you."

Xiaoyan said she had never regretted having a son.If she gives her another chance, she will still make the same choice.

Until now, her husband thought that Xiaoyan borrowed money in his hometown in Sichuan, and did not know she had gone to so many cities.

Every night, her husband will video with Xiaoyan to watch her watch the child.In his husband’s mind, he never thought of giving up his wife.

Now, the tumor in Xiaoyan’s mouth continues to grow, and she can only eat liquid foods every day with a straw.

The doctor called her and said she had to remove the tumor as soon as possible.If it is metastasized to the lungs or brain, treatment is useless.

As Xiaoyan said, although the idea of giving up flashed a thousand times or ten thousand times in her mind, she would try to grasp even if she was a hint of survival.

No matter how long she lives, as long as she can live a little older, she feels worth it.

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