Beard men can also "conceive naturally"?How can he break through the limits to successfully produce a baby boy?

Men who are born in natural conception: Bened (right)

In October 2020, the United States, which was raging by the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, and the atmosphere from all walks of life tense and low.

However, in the delivery room of a hospital, it was full of joy of the advent of newborns.

The medical staff was extremely excited and took the baby who had just taken out of the uterus to the pregnant woman.

However, is it a beard man lying on the bed?

This 36 -year -old American man named Belineter has just experienced the pain of childbirth.

Pregnant women who gave birth to a baby boy!

Bened during pregnancy

What a strange scene?Why is it so weird?

When the nurse gave the baby to Belnett, he also corrected the title of his child "mother".

Bennett believes that he is the "father" of his child,

In fact, there is a man who stands gentle on the bedside -Malik, Malik, Malik,

He is also the "father" of the child!

One is Bened, a man who is naturally pregnant and produced,

One is the child’s biological father, Malik,

How do two men give birth to children?

The story is a bit confusing,

Let’s talk slowly …

The story starts from more than thirty years ago.

In 1984, a family of American families ushered in the birth of a new life, and the daughter of this couple Benite was born!

Bened was not special when he was a child.

Although sometimes she is too naughty, she has many good friends, she

Boy and girls have …

Benede when he was a kid

However, in junior high school, due to the development of adolescence, Bened’s troubles gradually appeared …

Her breasts began to bulge slowly, and the first tide came secretly.

However, Bente was unhappy, and she seemed to be unable to accept it all.

In particular, when my mother bought her underwear and sanitary products for her,

Bened became very exclusive.

The pain of the holidays also makes her hands helpless!

Gradually, Bente, who had a cheerful character, became silent and strange.

Because I am too young, Bente does not know what these reactions mean, and

Parents also think that this is just the child’s rebellion period and did not take it to heart.

Therefore, although Bente hated his body, he endured silently.

Even she also had a few boyfriends and lived the same life as other girls …

However, since the age of 18, Bente suddenly found some "weird" reactions on his body.

Her body hair became more and more dense, and her face began to grow on her face?

Therefore, before Bente goes out every day, you need to do it …

Leg hair, armpit hair, and damn beard!

In the past few years, Bened lived a chaotic day of "suspecting life".

However, due to the encounter when I was a kid,

She has always persuaded herself that women may have dense hair, which is not a big problem!

However, when she looked in the mirror one day, she suddenly found that her throat was more "raised", which was frightened!

Why do women grow throat?

In 2011, Bened finally got the courage to go to the hospital for examination …

The results of the inspection were almost a thunderbolt, and her chin was shocked!

She is actually a "bisexual"!

Bisery, also known as a male and female,

Bennett’s situation is also very special,

She has a female reproductive system, namely uterus, ovarian, etc.

But her androgen in her body also exceeded the standard,

And she has no male organs.

In other words, Benite, when he was a child, has a high estrogen in the body,

Therefore, her external characteristics are more women,

However, after the adolescence arrived, Bente’srogen has increased sharply,

She started to grow beard, and her body hair increased …

As soon as the results of the inspection came out, Bened understood the pain of hiding in his heart in these years.

The root cause is actually this body secret!

After knowing this result, Bente thought calmly for a long time, and she knew that she had to make a choice!

Is it a man?Or is it a woman?

In the end, she obeyed the real feelings deep in her heart -be a man!

Therefore, under the guidance of a doctor, Bente began to take more testicular hormone drugs,

Prepare for your next "female change man" surgery.

In 2015, Bened’s transsexual surgery opened,

After communication with the doctor, he decided to remove the most feminine double milk on the appearance.

To reduce the risk of surgery, he decided to retain the uterus and ovaries in his body.

Under the action of drugs, Bennet’s appearance is gradually changing,

He left the board inch, became a beard, put on the man’s clothes, and exercised the muscles in fitness.

Judging from the outside, no one can see that he was once a "bisexual".

Until 2017, a commendable love fell from the sky!

A man named Malik walked into the world of Belinet.

Bened (left) Malik (right)

In fact, before that, although it had been surgery,

Bened still finds a man or a woman when he is in love with himself …

However, the appearance of Malik made him clearly feel a sense of excitement!

Finally determined, Bente, who is a man to a man, likes men!

So, the two men quickly fell in love …

I was happy with Malik, but Bente also experienced inner fierce fighting!

He must persuade himself to tell his same sex lover,

He used to be a woman!

Can Malik accept it?

Fortunately, Malik knows this "secret",

He didn’t leave him, and said he was still willing to be with him …

The two got married and formed a family.

At this time, another question was in front of the two.Since Bennett’s transgender surgery does not remove the uterus,

Therefore, in terms of physical structure, he is still a woman,

He even has the opportunity to conceive naturally!

This will be a new experience. The two men decide to fight for love!

Bennett began to stop taking male hormone drugs, and he could conceive when he was in a suitable state!

In February 2020, good news came, Bente was pregnant!

This is a miracle in medicine …

The two big men began to look forward to the arrival of small lives and arranged the baby room at home.

What a wonderful experience!

In October 2020, Bernett gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the hospital.

Because Bened’s psychological characteristics are not women,

Therefore, as soon as the child is born, he has two "biological dads"!

The child is named Hudson, with Bente’s curly hair and Malik’s eyes …

This is a magical story,

But it’s not mysterious …

Bisexuals are not "monsters", they also have the right to love and be loved.

Even the right to fertility.

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