Be sure to care for the breast during pregnancy, do these things well, and do not find you in the breasts.

Many Baoma found that after her breastfeeding period, her breasts not only shrunk, but also sagged a lot.This has made many Baoma deep fears about postpartum breastfeeding.In fact, women will usher in the development of breasts again when they are pregnant.Breastfeeding can promote the secretion of oxytocin in the mother, and oxytocin can enhance the elasticity of breast suspension.Do not pay attention to care during feeding to cause breast sagging.So how do you care?

Choose the right underwear

During breastfeeding, Baoma must remember to wear professional breastfeeding underwear.From breastfeeding, Baoma must insist on wearing the right professional breastfeeding underwear.If you don’t wear underwear, the increase in breast weight will make the breasts significantly droop.Especially when walking or doing housework, the breast shock will be very powerful, and the more obvious the sagging will be.Putting on a professional breastfeeding underwear will play a role in supporting and supporting the breast, keeping the blood circulation of the breast unobstructed, not only to promote the secretion of milk, but also protect the nipples from being abrasion and pain.

Stick to cleaning the breast

When cleaning the breast, scrub with warm water and scrub the areola and nipples.Do not easily pull the scalp on the nipple. Moms can apply vegetable oil on the nipples. After the scalp is softened, rinse it, and wipe it with a soft towel, and then apply moisturizing milk to prevent skin cracking.Pregnant mothers must pay attention to: Do not use soap or soap such as cleaning breasts. These cleaning products are not conducive to breast health and breastfeeding!

Adopt the correct way of breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, don’t let your baby be too close to the chest, and don’t put your baby too low, otherwise it is easy to pull the nipple.The two breasts should be feeded alternately. When the baby only eats one breast, the mother should empty the breasts on the other side with a breast pump to keep the breasts on both sides symmetrical.Before breastfeeding, sprinkle some warm water on the chest to help the secretion of milk.After breastfeeding, wipe the breast with cold towels can reduce the degree of breast swelling.

Eat more foods that promote estrogen secretion

Moms can eat more foods that promote estrogen secretion, so that the breasts are strong and beautiful, such as lean meat, eggs, milk, beans, carrots, lotus root, peanuts, grapes, sesame and other foods.B vitamins are essential components of estrogen in the body. Vitamin E is an important substance for regulating estrogen secretion, so foods rich in such nutritious foods should be eaten more.At the same time, foods with rich nutrition and containing sufficient exercise fat and protein can also increase the fat content in the breast, and the breasts will naturally be plump.

After the production of Baoma, do not rush to diet to reduce weight, which will cause the breast fat tissue to be affected, causing breasts to shrink.Moms, the correct breastfeeding method during breastfeeding will not only cause the chest to become smaller, but also help the secondary development of the breast!

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