Be careful during pregnancy extraction. How do pregnant women do oral health during pregnancy?

How should pregnant women prevent oral problems?If you can keep your mouth clean and healthy?If pregnant women suffer from gingivitis before pregnancy, pay attention to treating various oral diseases before pregnancy, and do not wait until pregnancy before treatment.After pregnancy, due to endocrine changes may cause gum blood vessels to expand and weaken resistance.The alveolar bone will also be loose. Pregnant women should maintain oral hygiene well, otherwise the teeth will feel uncomfortable, so pregnant women should have the sense of oral health care.

So, how should pregnant women do oral health?For oral care during pregnancy, pay attention to oral cleaning, properly supplement vitamin B, and often eat fruits and vegetables.Pay attention to oral hygiene, and often brush your teeth before meals.It is important to do oral cleaning.After eating, you must remember to rinse your mouth, and it is best to use warm saline to rinse your mouth.

In order to maintain oral health, pregnant women can also eat folic acid tablets. Folic acid tablets belong to B vitamins B. They can play a certain role in malnutrition and prevention of fetal malformations.It is necessary to take it according to the specific situation.During pregnancy, you should also do a good job of cleaning and sanitation of the mouth to avoid excessive bacteria accumulation. After eating, pay attention to rinse your mouth immediately, but you don’t need to brush your teeth too often.Pay attention to buy a soft hair toothbrush and change it every three months.The correct method of brushing teeth can be brushed by Babia.

Women should realize the importance of oral health before pregnancy, deal with oral problems in a timely manner, and regular oral health examination. In addition to routine to obtain obstetrics and gynecology, pregnant women should also conduct regular inadvertent health examinations.Generally, it is advisable to go every 3 months. If you consciously have oral diseases, you should consult it at any time and deal with it in time.

During oral examinations before pregnancy, the main examination items include the examination of dental caries, the need for tooth extraction, and whether there are problems with gingivitis.After treatment, there is no limited time for pregnancy, and the disease can be pregnant after healing.If a woman is washed or replenished without knowing her pregnancy, the impact on the fetus is difficult to judge, because the dosage of each doctor’s medication is different. The more medicine, the greater the impact will naturally.But if you know that patients are pregnant, doctors will choose to take medicine carefully.

Moral medicines may be used when you extraction, and you may have a bad impact on the fetus. This should be based on the length of the pregnancy. From the perspective of the medicine, some may also have a miscarriage because of stimulation.Therefore, pregnant women’s oral health is also a very important thing.

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