Be careful, don’t eat "messy"!The two of them were sent to medical rescue for intestinal obstruction, and some people were madly "dazzled" and they were bloody

It’s another year of Yangmei Ji

Do you eat bayberry?

Some netizens said

After swallowing the bayberry nucleus can clear the intestines and detoxify

Bring out the dirty Dongxi in the body


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First Hospital Emergency Department

Two patients with intestinal obstruction were sent urgently

The culprit is Yangmei core

Eat bayberry without vomiting nucleus

The intestinal obstruction of the two was sent to the hospital urgently

Li Bo, who lives in Luzhou, Zhejiang, is 73 years old and has always liked to eat bayberry.In his opinion, eating bayberry does not need to vomit nucleus: "Baymeter nucleus can take away the dirty things in the intestine through the intestine, clearing the intestines. In order to get off the fire, I have always eaten with the core of the nuclear with meat.It’s okay. "

In early June, he ate more than half a catty in one breath, and each time he swallowed the core of the core.Not long after eating, the elderly felt that paroxysmal colic began to appear in the lower abdomen. Over time, his stomach became more and more painful and could not eat. What’s worse, he couldn’t even have a few days.Be bowing, and the family saw him to the local hospital.

The doctor suspected that the bayberry was blocked in the intestine and caused intestinal obstruction.The abdomen CT examination found that Li Bo’s abdomen did have a lot of small points of "bright crystals".

At the age of 52, Tian Bo from Lishui Qingtian, Zhejiang, is even more serious.In early June, he helped the village people pick up bayberry and eat while picking it up. Lian Tianbo himself could not remember how many bayberry had swallowed the nuclear belt. When he was sent to the hospital for rescue, the belly was raised high, like a ball;Pale and cold sweat.The local hospital diagnosed his acute intestinal obstruction caused by the Yangmei nuclear, but the effect of gastrointestinal decompression was not good.

△ Tian Bo’s abdomen CT

Director Lu Yuanqiang, director of the Emergency Department, recalled that the patient’s CT showed that there were dozens of "small dots" with dense hemp, which were the Yangmei nucleus that had not been excreted.

The Yangmei nucleus is hard and cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body. If you accidentally swallow a few, you can generally discharge the body by yourself.However, if you swallow too much at one time, it will cause abnormal gastrointestinal motility, and it is easy to accumulate in the gastrointestinal and intestines. In particular, patients with gastrointestinal diseases (such as digestive tract disorders, gastric ulcers, digestive tract tumors, narrow pylorus, blind petals return blind petalsStenx, intestinal adhesion, intestinal obstruction, intestinal inflammation, etc.), swallowing a large number of bayberry cores can easily cause bleeding, perforation, intestinal obstruction, etc., which is very dangerous.Especially the elderly and children should be more careful, swallow the bayberry nucleus may also mistakenly enter the airway, causing the risk of suffocation.

Director Lu Yuanqiang said that with the growth of the age, the intestinal function of the elderly will have weakened.Last year, Li Bo had undergone surgery due to colorectal cancer. The intestine had been damaged and had a good cause of intestinal adhesion. It was easy to induce intestinal obstruction.

The 52 -year -old Tian Bo was not so lucky. The bayberry he swallowed was too much, and he had completely blocked the intestinal "strong knot".In addition, experts also took out another fierce "killer" that induced acute intestinal obstruction -intestinal tumor.

The tumor caused the intestinal cavity stenosis, and after swallowing a lot of bayberry nucleus, the bayberry nucleus could not discharge itself, which caused intestinal obstruction.Due to the critical situation, it is necessary to surgery for surgery immediately.Tian Bo is currently out of danger and will be discharged safely soon.

Bayberry is delicious but not to eat more

Someone did blood transparency after "dazzling"

In recent years, various types of bayberry have been sent to rescue patients.There are patients with excessive eaten bayberry that causes gastric bleeding, patients with diabetes and a lot of bayberry leading to surge in blood sugar, as well as patients who are not delicious in the renal function of Yangmei …

On June 21, Mr. Lin, Wenling, Zhejiang, was suddenly weak, and his legs could not be lifted. He hurried to Taizhou Hospital for hospitalization procedures and tested.The results showed that his blood potassium value was 7.24mmol/L, which had exceeded 6.2 mmol/L.

Xu Cushion, director of the Department of Nephrology of Taizhou Hospital, said that at that time, Mr. Lin’s creatinine value was 708 μmol/L, which had reached the level of uremia, and it was combined with hyperkalemia. The condition belonged to the critical stage.Doctors at the kidney duty immediately took measures to treat Mr. Lin for hemodialysis and other treatment, and the situation gradually improved after dialysis.

Then Mr. Lin revealed that she had a history of diabetes and had poor renal function. I usually didn’t pay attention to monitoring related indicators. Recently, she suddenly appeared in weakness.

When asked about the recent diet, Mr. Lin said that recently, Yang Mei has eaten diligently. Since the listing of Yangmei, he has basically eaten more than a pound every day. Since early June, he has eaten for 20 consecutive days …

On the same day, another female patient was almost the same as Mr. Lin.

"Barberry is a fruit with a high potassium content. The potassium content of two or two bayberry reaches 149mg. Although potassium is indispensable for the human body, for people with poor kidney function, the kidneys cannot excrete potassium potassium excessive potassium.The elevation of blood potassium becomes ‘hyperkalemia’. "Xu Cursor introduced that severe hypertrophemia can cause a cardiac arrest and endanger life.

Patients with stomach disease should pay attention to these

Baymeter is rich in organic acid and is an acidic fruit.A small amount of consumption has an appetizer, but if you eat too much at one time, you will cause excessive gastric acid secretion to cause acid reflux.

For patients with gastric disease, a large amount of gastric acid is secreted, a large amount of digestive solution is charged in the stomach, repeatedly stimulated the inductance of the digestive ulcer, and it is prone to ulcer bleeding, which causes stomach discomfort such as stomach pain.

Doctor’s reminder:

For patients with chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers, it is best to eat fruit after eating bayberry, and it is not advisable to eat too much at one time. Eat a few grains to try something new.Although Yangmei has a low sugar lift index, it still has sugar, and contains more citric acid and oxalic acid. A large amount of consumption can promote gastric acid secretion.


There are some common rumors about bayberry

There are small white worms in the bayberry that can’t be eaten

The bayberry that will fade is dyed

Yang Mei cannot eat with seafood


Let’s see the truth together

Rumor 1:

There are small white worms in bayberry, you can’t eat it

There may be small white insects in Yangmei, which is actually the larvae of fruit flies, so it is also the rare fruit of the world in the world.

This is a normal natural phenomenon in bayberry’s traditional planting, and the fruit flies in the larvae period are not harmful to the human body, and there is no need to panic at all.

Solution: Soak salt water.

The freshly bought bayberry soaked in the cool white boiling of salt for more than ten minutes, so that the small white worms can be soaked, and the water is soaked or rinsed with flowing water. The effect is not obvious.Doing this can also make the sweet and sour bayberry, which tastes sweeter and not astringent.

Rumor 2:

The bayberry that will fade is dyed

The bayberry bought by the Internet is soaked in water, and the water is red or black, which proves that bayberry is stained.

Truth: In addition to white bayberry, bayberry varieties are rich in anthocyanins containing water -containing soluble. As long as the bayberry is cooked to a certain degree, the juice is easy to flow out. It is not surprising to dye the water into red.

Rumor 3:

Inject glue weight gain from fruit farmers to bayberry

Someone took Yang Mei to wash and squeeze under the faucet, and finally left some glue in his hand. He said that bayberry injected glue to affect his health?

Truth: The glue left repeatedly scrubbing under the water faucet is actually a flesh residue tissue. It is a nutrients such as dietary fiber, sugar acid, protein, anthocyanin and other nutrients. It is obviously different from the edible gelatin.

In addition, Yangmei is not resistant to storing. If you give bayberry all glue, you will not only need high labor cost investment, but the effect of gaining weight is small, and Yangmei itself cannot withstand this "toss", which is not easy to store freshness.

Rumor 4:

Yang Mei cannot eat with seafood

At present, the poisoning of vitamin C and seafood are all false news.This poisoning phenomenon really happens, and it takes about four or five hundred shrimps in one breath, and immediately swallows a lot of vitamin C films.

Rumor 5:

Diabetic patients and pregnant women cannot eat bayberry

Worried about high blood sugar, it does not mean that fruits cannot be eaten at all.The sugar content of bayberry is low in fruit, about 7%, and the blood sugar response is not high.Studies have shown that some varieties of bayberry contain a certain amount of hypoglycemic and lipid -reduced active substances.


1. Be careful not to eat too much.If the total amount of bayberry and other fruits is less than half a catty every day, the problem is not big.If it is a patient with high blood sugar itself, you can eat half a catty of fruits twice, and it is not easy to cause blood sugar level fluctuations.

2. Be careful of deterioration.Yangmei is not resistant to storage, and it is very easy to deteriorate and have alcoholic taste for a few days.Therefore, it is best to put it in a cool place, it is best to put the refrigerator or protect it in ice; be careful not to eat bad when eating, otherwise it is easy to diarrhea.Pregnant women need to be careful.

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