Bathing the amniotic fluid in the middle of the night, the scene is too bloody and terrifying, I almost want to die, my husband is going to divorce

Take a bath in the middle of the night, suddenly my stomach hurts, and then go to the toilet. Suddenly a lot of large and very large leucorrhea slipped out. I wiped it with a paper and had blood, which scared me. I immediately went to the hospital.I am pregnant to production.

As my stomach is getting bigger and bigger, it is inconvenient to move, and it is difficult to get up when I lie down. I feel like a turtle, and I am tired of doing something.The New Year just met the epidemic. My husband and I were so scared to go out. In addition, my husband could work at home.Later, when my mother -in -law came to Shenzhen at 36 weeks, I started to make a high -protein meal for me, because the B -ultrasound showed that the baby was small, only five pounds.

On the day of 38 weeks on March 25th, I suddenly found out that after getting up in the morning, although it was only a little bit.At that time, the whole family was very excited. I remember that I had previously said that I saw the red irregular contractions and did not need to go to the hospital, so I only made a remote tire supervision, showing that the baby was very good.At the time, I reminded that "I have seen red", so I didn’t care.After a while, the hospital’s phone number came to urge me to hurry to the emergency department. I discussed with my husband and decided to go to the hospital to rest assured, so I put on the suitcase to go to the Baoan women and children who had stepped on it before.

After entering the emergency department, the doctor did a basic examination for me. It seems that there is nothing big. She didn’t want to give me a B -ultrasound, but at my request, a B -ultrasound was opened. As a result, the B -ultrasound results showed that amniotic fluidToo little, it has exceeded the normal range, and then the doctor asked me to be hospitalized.I did not expect that the first emergency department was really hospitalized. First, I lived in a three -person room. All of them were the maternal who had just been born. They were novice parents.Crazy crying, everyone will not bring only milk powder, and the room is crowded. 3 women add 3 husbands. At night, I will be hot, but other women can not turn on the air conditioner. The nurse will come to me every 3 hours a day.Listening to the fetal heart, all this was so troublesome that I couldn’t take a good rest at all.Bao mother on the right bed said that she was an ultra -fast -growing 8 -pound baby, with no side cuts, tearing, or a child. She was particularly proud. I have to say that I really want to touch her good luck.

First of all, for a few days in hospitalization, the fetal heart has been stable, and the B -ultrasound amniotic fluid has risen a little bit, but it is still hovering at the lowest standard value line.We must be hospitalized at the hospital to prevent accidents at any time, so we are all struggling. At that time, it was 38 weeks+3 days on March 27th. Some doctors felt that I was not big enough for my pregnancy.If I have not been launched, I have to be hospitalized all the time, so that people will not rest well, neurasthenia, and have no energy before starting to give birth.An acquaintance doctor decided to say that we did not wait, and tried directly to custody, so we agreed to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

On March 28, the OCT test before oxytochemical was to take a low -dose oxytocin to see if the fetus could be afforded. People who could not test the OCT test could only go to a cesarean section. In fact, they were afraid that they would not pass before.The contractions and caesarean section are equivalent to suffering twice. It is better to take it directly. I am not firm in Shunshu. I always think about what happened to cesarean section. It is still a little scared of the pain of Shunshu.This day from 10 am to 7 o’clock in the morning to 7 pm. The first few hours had no feeling, and I felt a nap. The following hours began to be painful. About 3 minutes.No screaming.A few of the ladies who were also oxytic sighing sighed. I was still wondering why they called so loudly. Is it really so painful?At 7 pm, the doctor’s internal examination said that my OCT test passed, but I did not open my finger. I asked me to go back to sleep and continue. It is really uncomfortable. I feel that I have suffered a day of pain. I want the baby to come out quickly. As a result, I will continue tomorrow.Oxytocin, that night, it was hot and backache without sleep.

On March 29, it was another day of urging the ox. This time it came true.I started playing at 11 am, and I also came with my personal workers to break the water, saying that it was to make me open my finger faster, but the doctor tried it for a long time. Finally, he was not sure that he was successful and the fetal head was too high.However, the pain is particularly fast and very fierce. Soon I couldn’t control myself to moaning. Every time I contracted, I held my husband’s hand tightly. I came once or 2 minutes.When I asked the doctor to come to the interior, the doctor also said that it would be impossible to open for an hour and a half. I said that my contraction was really frequent, and then she checked it and found that it was really a second finger.So I can finally go to the legendary pain!

At about 1:30 in the afternoon, I was pushed into the delivery room. The anesthesiologist quickly gave me painlessness. It is said that the needle was thick and terrible, but I couldn’t see it behind it. The pain was no different from the usual pilling needle.The effect of painlessness is really a bit good for me. After I played, I had no pain at all. From hell to heaven at once, the only bad thing was that urination was inserted into the ureter.I started to keep my eyes closed. Occasionally, I looked at the mobile phone, and I slept intermittently while urging the doctor to see a few fingers at that time. At that time, it seemed that it was not difficult to have children.Wing hahaha.

After the painlessness, the finger became very slow. It took about 2 hours to open the speed of 1 finger. It was only at 7 pm that I opened 5 fingers. Although I still had no pain, I started to worry.The nurse melted a bit to let my husband and me enter the real single -person room in advance because it is quieter inside.I have to say that the conditions for Baoan women and children are really good. Not only will her husband can accompany the delivery throughout the process, the delivery room is also a single person without paying the other. The environment is also good. Ten thousand calls for this hospital!

I went into the delivery room and my husband was stunned, because it was really much better than I thought. Like a warm hotel room, unlike cold hospitals, decorative paintings are hung on the wall, there is a sofa, the birth bed is okay, and the bed is music.However, there was not much time when I was happy. The doctor found that because the labor process was a bit long, the baby’s fetal heart was a bit unstable. Every time the fetal heart was contracted, the fetal heart decreased, and it returned to normal when it was not contracted.The umbilical cord is around the neck for a week, and everyone is worried that the baby is a bit hypoxic and starts to discuss whether to give a cesarean section.I was in a hurry, because I have been in pain for two days, and now I have opened eight fingers, and I can give birth immediately. Now I tell me that I am really unwilling to transfer the cesarean section.The doctor said that it would be oxytocin, and the dose was given as soon as possible as soon as possible.So my good days were over.

It was early in the morning. After a large dose of oxytocin, the painlessness gradually couldn’t hold the pain. I started the pain of noon again, and the pain started moaning.At this time, the mother in the delivery room was about to give birth. She started to yell. Several midwives went to give birth to her. I could only continue to endure my own pain.There is a computer screen in front of me to see my contractions curve. I saw that she was about to have a tight and tall contraction curve when she was about to give birth, and my frequency and intensity were much lower.The doctor said that I left before.But I really hurt. It is said that when I was about to give birth, the feeling of wanting to stool gradually became stronger and stronger. At this time, the painless anesthetic was used up?IntersectionI shouted and gave me an internal check to see if it was about to give birth, so I helped the producer back to see me.As a result, it was really open, and the victory was looking at it!

I yelled for my husband to go out, and didn’t want him to see too bloody pictures.The midwife began to teach me to put a good posture. Perhaps I have seen a lot of childbirth knowledge before. I have been working hard. She has always praised me. Fortunately, there is a long rest time for the contraction every 3 minutes.After 2 minutes, the baby was successful after half an hour.The first feeling was that a white thing came out, and she whispered a few times without crying. She didn’t have much blood on her body, which was particularly white.Because she was not big, I was not seriously injured, and the placenta was delivered smoothly.It seems that there seems to be a legendary horror in the birth of a child, and it is not as terrible as the tenth level of pain. It is really the gospel of women!At that time, a happy, proud, and relieved mixed feeling came to my heart, and finally I was a person who could successfully give birth, I can do it!IntersectionIntersectionSo at 2:56 am on March 30, 2020, 38 weeks of pregnancy+5 days, I am also a daughter!

I won’t say much about it later. I stayed in the hospital’s VIP ward and experienced a few babies’ troubles of sleeping nights. Inceseng breastfeeding various difficulties. After I went to the confinement center, everything gradually became better.Sub -cow, the baby is also very cute but not like me.I will go home immediately when I am out of confinement, and I really want to be the duty of my mother. I always feel that I am still a child?After being a mother, I still want to continue playing the game hahaha.But in any case, I wrote down this day before I forgot the details. Thank you for your baby’s coming. This is the first time we have been a mother and a baby for the first time.Advice.

Insert a question, it really hurts when sitting up after giving birth. It takes at least 10 days to basically not feel. At this time, the most needed is a cushion with round holes. The artifacts are wood.

All in all, having children is a very painful process.Fortunately, there are people who stand unconsciously by you in this whole process and tell you that I love you, the days will be better every day, so everything deserves persistence!

The greatest career of a woman is to be a mother. Although the process is very painful, she will be happy for a lifetime.What do you think of this, please leave a message to comment, thank you.

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