Bathing in the Girls River, going home unexpectedly, gave birth to an eternal emperor, and created the greatest dynasty in China.

The emperor was the supreme rulers of the feudal dynasty in China. They claimed to be "emperor" and they sent them to the world to manage the world.

The emperor and ordinary people are obviously different, including birth.Although everyone came out of the mother’s fetus.

But the way the emperor came out was different. Either the red light of the house or the golden dragon descended. In short, there was a vision and different.

Sima Qian once recorded a story in "Historical Records" saying that a girl took a bath in the river. After taking a shower home, the girl became pregnant. Then she gave birth to a boy. This boy was Liu Bang.

Liu Bang’s mother is Liu Ye (AO). When she was young, she was also a beautiful girl.

After Liu Ye grew up, he married Liu Bang’s father Liu Tai Gong. The two were very loving.At noon in the summer of a year, when the weather was hot, Liu Ye went to the river to take a bath.

It was originally a hot sun, clear sky, but suddenly there was a dense cloud, and there was a rainstorm.

Liu Tai Gong saw that Liu Ye had been taking a bath and did not go home, and he was very worried in his heart, so he took a rainstorm to find Liu Ye.

After seeing Liu Ye after seeing Liu Ye, he shouted, "Hurry back."

When Liu Ye saw Liu Tai Gong, he came out of the river.But at this time, a dragon flew from the sky suddenly, the dragon wrapped around Liu Ye, and then flew away.

This scared Liu Tai Gong. He thought that the dragon was about to eat Liu Ye, and he never thought it was just a circle.

After Liu Ye went ashore, Liu Tai Gong quickly looked at her to check whether there were scars.Liu Taiong asked Liu Ye: "You’re okay!"

Liu Ye shook his head and said, "I’m fine." Tai Gong Liu Xun was okay, and he was relieved, so the two hurried home.

It didn’t take long for this incident, Liu Ye was pregnant, and Liu Taigong was very happy.Ten months later, Liu Ye gave birth to a boy named Liu Ji, which is Liu Bang.

This record in "Historical Records" "It is a time -thunder and obscure, and when Tai Gong looks at it, he sees the dragon on it. If you have a body, you will produce Gaozu."

Liu Bang’s name can be described as a household name. Everyone knows that he is an eternal emperor and established the greatest dynasty in Chinese history -the Han Dynasty.

Liu Bang’s birth is not only full of legend, but even his uprising process is very legendary.Liu Bang met a white snake in Mangyu Mountain. The snake blocked Liu Bang’s way. Liu Bang picked up his sword and cut it.

This snake is not an ordinary snake, but the son of Emperor Bai; Liu Bang is not an ordinary person. He is the son of the Red Emperor.

Everyone heard that Liu Bang was the son of the Red Emperor. After knowing his true identity, he followed him and uprising with him. This was "Gao Zu cut the snake uprising."

What’s more interesting is that when Liu Bang was cutting the snake, the snake said to Liu Bang, "If you cut my head, I will make trouble for your head; if you cut my tail, I will make trouble."

After Liu Bang heard it, he laughed and cut it from the middle. As a result, two hundred years later, the Han Dynasty was cut by Wang Mang.The Han Dynasty had a total of 400 years of rivers and mountains, divided into the Western Han and Eastern Han Dynasty.

Wang Mang was impartial, cutting the Han Dynasty from the middle, making it discontinuous, which was very coincidental.The story of Liu Bang’s snake uprising has been circulating to this day, and it has become a talk about people’s tea after dinner, which is used to recreate!

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References: "Historical Records", "Han Book", "Legend of Han Gao Zu", etc.

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