Bare pain during pregnancy and postpartum is not normal. Beware of this disease in the heart

Xiaoxia has always felt that she had back pain after giving birth to a child. She was not very painful at first. Xiaoxia thought it was a period of time after giving birth to a child.The problem is getting worse and the height is still short. Xiaoxia thought: "Is this confinement? But I haven’t done anything that should not be done. Besides, I have never heard of confinement.The disease will make people shorter. "Many Bao moms have back and chest pain after giving birth, but because they are in a special period of just childbirth, many Baoma is not too serious, resulting in more and more pain.I have become shorter, what’s going on?We together look.

Why is it shorter?

Under normal circumstances, it is impossible for Baoma to become shorter after giving birth. If she finds that she becomes short and accompanied by back pain, it is most likely that she suffers from osteoporosis.Osteoporosis sounds like the illness that the old talents can get. How can this younger mother happen?According to experts, Bao Ma’s osteoporosis is mostly pregnancy -related osteoporosis. The most common symptoms are back pain.As a result, it is easy to lead to osteoporosis because it is provided to a large amount of nutrition for the fetus or baby, and the lack of calcium itself.

The consequences of osteoporosis

The most common consequences of osteoporosis are back pain. Generally, this symptoms start to appear significantly in the late pregnancy. It further aggravates during breastfeeding.The serious consequences of limited waist activity and height decrease.Many people think that back pain during pregnancy and lactation is normal. In addition, few people do X -rays and bone density tests. Therefore, osteoporosis related to pregnancy and breastfeeding can be easily ignored by patients and doctors, causing missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

How to prevent and control?

So how should this situation be controlled?Bao Ma, who is breastfeeding, should immediately stop breastfeeding, and supplement calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients under the guidance of a doctor. If it is particularly serious, hospitalization should be hospitalized. Those with fractures should be treated first and then treated with special treatment.If you have no such symptoms, whether during pregnancy or breastfeeding, you should pay attention to the supplement of calcium and vitamin D. Once low back pain occurs, you should go to the hospital for examination to avoid deterioration.

Do you have symptoms of postpartum back pain or even short height?If so, you must pay attention to it and deal with it in time.

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