Bare pain during pregnancy?In addition to resting in bed, 5 methods may be used, or it can help you relieve back pain

The joy after pregnancy is really diluted by various problems.First, early pregnancy vomiting reactions, and then back pain unbearable, as if the whole pregnancy was spent in endless torture.Especially in the middle and late stages, the problem of low back pain will be more serious. Except for bed rest, nothing will want to do anything.

Story case:

At the moment of pregnancy, Xiao Xia and her husband were particularly happy.However, her pregnancy response was particularly obvious. The first three months of the first three months, she really took the weight of her pregnancy, but she lost a few pounds.After all the stages of pregnancy, I thought that I could finally relax. Who knew the symptoms of back pain came again.

After all, he resigned, and most of the time was on the bed, because taking a few more steps, he would feel uncomfortable.Think about more than half of the pregnancy, and there are still a few months to boil. Xiaoxia is particularly irritable.She felt so depressed again.

In fact, back pain during pregnancy is normal.Because as the fetus continues to grow, the weight of the pregnant mother will continue to rise, especially the changes in the waist and abdomen are the most obvious, and it will undoubtedly increase the burden on the waist and abdomen.Therefore, low back pain is a normal physiological reaction, and it can only be distressed for three seconds of pregnant mothers.

Then there is calcium deficiency and incorrect posture, which will also cause back pain during pregnancy.The fetus grows all depends on the nutrition of the mother’s body. If calcium deficiency, it will cause back pain. This needs to be paid attention to.Incorrect sleeping, walking, and sitting can increase the burden on the lumbar spine, which causes back pain.Therefore, you must develop good habits during pregnancy, otherwise you may be injured.

1. Calcium supplement

Many pregnant mothers do not have the habit of supplementing calcium. She always feels that she is very good, and she is also healthy every time she checks, so she ignores the importance of calcium elements.From now on, calcium supplementation is required every day. In addition to eating calcium tablets for pregnant women, ingredients must also choose high calcium containing.

Pay more attention to diet during pregnancy. As long as the nutrition is balanced, there is no need to eat too much nourishing food.Otherwise, the weight will rise, but it is not conducive to physical health.By the way, it’s okay to bask in the sun, which can effectively promote the absorption of calcium.

2. Appropriate exercise

After pregnancy, there are indeed many things that cannot be done, and you need to be cautious.However, the appropriate amount of exercise is still necessary.Lying on the sofa or playing with mobile phones and watching TV for a long time will actually aggravate the pain in the waist.Even if it is not during pregnancy, if you do not exercise for a long time, you will feel uncomfortable, and your waist is sore.

Pulling out half a day to an hour every day, walking properly, or doing pregnant women’s exercise, can alleviate the discomfort of the body.Of course, the choice of exercise should be able to do it. Do not stubbornly. Those too intense exercise, it is best not to touch it.In terms of time, the pursuit of quality during pregnancy is quality, not the length of time.

3. Hot compress massage

The best way to relieve pain should be hot compresses and massage.At this time, you can invite the prospective dad to help and take a moderate effort to help massage.In order to improve the effect, you should apply hot compress before massage, use hot towels, or hot water bottle.The purpose of hot compress is to promote blood circulation in the waist and abdomen and slow down the burden.

After that, massage began on both sides of the lumbar spine.As for the method, there is no clear request to relieve the pain of pregnant mothers.The palm is fitted with the lumbar spine, just rub it slowly up and down. Do not move gently. Do not cause secondary damage to the pregnant mother.

4. Pay attention to daily warmth

Cooling is also a major cause of back pain.After pregnancy, many women thought that they couldn’t go out, so the clothes they wore were not too thick, so that the waist and abdomen of the body were cold.During pregnancy, we must do a good job of keeping warm, especially during the autumn and winter changes, and we should prepare clothes in advance.

In addition, it is necessary to protect other parts of the body, such as both hands and feet.Prepare wool socks and gloves early, as well as loose cashmere pants.Don’t be confused by those "soul chicken soup", not all women are suitable for exquisite pregnant women. After all, physical condition is different.

5. Use the pregnancy belt

If the back pain during pregnancy is particularly serious, it has affected daily life, you can consider using a special pregnant woman belt during pregnancy.Its role is to support the waist, which can make the pressure on the waist smaller.Many Bao moms who have back pain during pregnancy react. This pregnancy belt is specially used, especially in the third trimester.

So it is time to choose a suitable pregnancy belt for yourself. Of course, you must choose and use under the suggestions of obstetricians. It is best not to choose blindly.[Da Ji] The belly with belly with the summer and late summer in the summer and the thin pregnancy during pregnancy, the special large size belt of the pregnant woman during pregnancy is ¥ 53.8 purchase

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