Back pain during pregnancy is very common, how to relieve it here (part1)

October in archanges is a big challenge to female friends.Throughout pregnancy, although there is no need to pass the five levels and six generals, expectant mothers need to overcome many physical discomfort.Back pain during pregnancy is one of the most common diseases.So what is back pain during pregnancy?How to relieve it?

Why do women in pregnancy have back pain

Lumbar pain is a common condition during pregnancy.Generally appear in the early pregnancy and manifested as pain in the waist.With the development of the fetus, the back pain of pregnant women may become more and more powerful.Many women are troubled because of this problem when they are pregnant. Not only do they suffer their own suffering, but their families are also worried.

Pregnant women are special groups, and their physical conditions have changed significantly, which causes some diseases.Bare pain during pregnancy is a more common phenomenon.But at various stages of pregnancy, the causes of back pain are different.

1. Early pregnancy

After implantation in the uterus, the uterus may cause contractions, and the secretion of hormone secretions in the pregnant woman’s body will also cause back pain.Generally manifested as mild symptoms, there is no obvious discomfort, so don’t worry too much.

2. mid -to -late pregnancy

As the weight of the fetus and amniotic fluid increases day by day, the pressure on the lumbar spine of pregnant women also increases, and the body will lean back.In order to maintain a balance, the waist muscles of pregnant women need to keep a contraction state. The muscles that have been tense for a long time cannot be relaxed, and naturally cause back pain.This kind of low back pain caused by fatigue will gradually recover after getting full rest or production.

3. Lack of exercise

When pregnant women lie on the bed all day and do not pay attention to proper exercise, the pelvic cavity may cause blood stasis, unable to afford abdominal pressure and cause waist discomfort.

4. Excessive fatigue

If pregnant women do not pay attention to rest after pregnancy, they are too tired, which can easily cause lumbar muscle damage.

5. Did not replace high heels in time

Due to the weight of the abdomen, pregnant women move forward.If you are still wearing high heels, in order to maintain balance, the waist is increased, the waist muscles are more pressure, which is more likely to cause sore fatigue.

6. Other reasons

The pregnant woman itself suffers from other aspects of disease and cause low back pain, which may increase after giving birth.

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