Back pain during pregnancy is due to physical weight?Don’t wait for the miscarriage before you know the truth!

Yesterday, Mao went to the hospital to visit the sister -in -law.As soon as I entered the hospital, I heard a pregnant woman crying and shouting that she was not born.The family on the side has always persuaded, saying that it is just a bit of a child to give birth to the child; if you are pregnant, you can’t be like a child.Well, after looking at the age of a pregnant woman, she is a little girl in her early twenties.

After a while, under the comfort of doctors and men, the pregnant mother finally did not make trouble; I felt painful to think about it. Pregnancy was hard, and many young pregnant women had no experience.

When I walked into the room, I saw the sister -in -law who saw the scene outside, and I was curious to ask the sister -in -law: "Why is this young pregnant woman making trouble? It looks quite serious and cry so sad."

The sister -in -law sighed and said, "How serious the cause is just a common symptom of pregnancy; the little girl is young and ignorant, and many pregnant knowledge does not understand.

In fact, more than a lot of young girls do not understand. Many pregnant mothers may not understand.There are so many things to pay attention to during pregnancy, and there are many common phenomena.Some mothers asked the neighbors, and everyone would have some symptoms when they were pregnant, and they would inevitably ignore it directly."

Well, dumb: "What symptoms are so serious, other mothers can survive, why did this little girl cry so much and don’t want to give birth?" "

The sister -in -law began to be embarrassed: "Don’t say that the little girl is, many mothers feel very painful when they are pregnant. Therefore, it is very hard during pregnancy. Moms are giving birth to their children with their lives.

At different stages of pregnancy, the cause and symptoms of back pain are different.Many pregnant women think that there must be suffering that there must be experience in having children. At first, they did not take care of them. In the later stages of pregnancy, various symptoms followed all kinds of uncomfortable.In particular, a little girl like your cousin loses weight and lose weight on a balancedness of the thin legs; if you are pregnant, you are so picky when you are pregnant."

I was impatient: "Xunzi, don’t sell Guanzi, just talk about how to relieve the back pain of pregnant women?"

The sister -in -law said seriously: "Back pain is a common symptom during pregnancy; except for the increase in the weight of pregnant women to bring the weight to the body; many back pain are caused by some causes.Symptoms such as leg cramps and sciatica. Generally, there are the following causes and symptoms, which can be reduced or reduced accordingly.

First, if back pain is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, and the pain is severe; pay attention to whether there is the possibility of miscarriage, or whether it is an ectopic pregnancy.This is the most serious case. It is necessary to go to the hospital for a timely examination and treatment, and treat it according to the guidance of the doctor.

The second is that if the pain seriously affects the activity, or when it is launched to other parts; it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination in time to find out the reason for timely treatment.Prevent low back pain, and the deterioration of the condition.

Third, waist and leg pain is also accompanied by sciatica, which may be caused by the lack of vitamin B1.One thing that needs to be emphasized is that pregnant women must eat more vegetables and fruits during pregnancy, in addition to supplementing the necessary nutritional needs; they can also relieve constipation and other symptoms to a certain extent.

Fourth, back pain is also accompanied by the phenomenon of leg cutting cramps, it may be calcium deficiency.Calcium supplementation during pregnancy is also very important. If calcium deficiency during pregnancy, it will affect the growth of the child, and it will easily cause symptoms such as osteoporosis after amenorer.

The above is the general symptoms of the back pain of pregnant women and the method of relieving and removing; they can be solved.What I am talking about is rare, but it is really fatal, and some details in life need to pay attention."

I worshiped my face and said, "Xunzi, in fact, I think you know a lot. It is a encyclopedia of pregnant mothers! Women still have children too young.Shuantan. "

Xunzi said leisurely: "This is necessary. Look at what your cousin understands, and you have a child who has a brain to give birth to a child.Reading and studying, you can pay attention to the "Born" WeChat public account to read the video directly, want to know everything. "

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