Back pain during pregnancy?The reason is that the sitting posture is not right, one trick can be relieved

Back pain is a problem that many expectant mothers during pregnancy will encounter. It is very common and common, and there are many reasons for this situation.The first reason is that when the child gradually becomes larger in the mother’s belly, the back will squeeze the back, and the spine will also be bent, which will cause great pressure on the back of the waist.

The second reason is that the hormones generated during pregnancy can cause the tissue structure of the mothers to soften, which will make us easily cause pain when exercising during pregnancy, especially under the back.By adjusting the posture and proper massage, it can help relieve the pain in the back.

The most commonly used stance of mothers during pregnancy is usually like this. The stomach is straight forward, her hands are holding their waist, and she can’t help but move back with her shoulders and stretch the neck forward.The correct standing position is that your feet are separated to the comfortable width, tighten your hips, put your upright abdomen slightly inward, lift your chest, loose your shoulders and sink, and your neck will be retracted.At first adjusting the standing position may not be used to it, as long as it persists, it will greatly improve the back pain.

Nowadays, many of the pregnant mothers who are pregnant like lying lazily on the sofa. This looks very comfortable, but it is actually a very bad posture.Because at this time, all the weight of the baby will be concentrated at the bottom of the spine. In fact, this will actually compress the nerves under the spine, which will greatly cause the discomfort of pregnant women.

It seems that Ge You lying is a bad sitting position, and the correct posture is: the back of the back is a strong but can help disperse the back of the chair back, usually a cushion is more comfortable.The cross -legged legs will make the mother pelvic lean forward, thereby aggravating waist and back pain. Put your lift Erlang legs on a highly appropriate foot stool, and the knee is slightly higher than the hips.It is recommended that the mother uses the left side to sleep in the middle and late pregnancy. Lie or lying on the back is not good for the development of the mother and the fetus. When the side is lying on the side, the legs are bent, the back of the waist between the legs, and the belly can be placed separately.The pillow can also be replaced by a pregnant woman’s pillow, which can make the mother get more comfortable sleep and relieve back pain.

Of course, there are some other methods to relieve this pain. For example, do some massage, bend the finger of the finger, press the thumb in the middle of the index finger, and then gently massage the back of the back, gently gently, gently gently, gently gentlyDraw the circle to press the circle to massage those areas with concentrated nerves.This action will make pregnant women feel very comfortable. In addition to themselves, they can also let her husband and family help.Of course, in the process of massage, you can also use some basic massage oils, or use the help of tools such as massage balls.

However, it should be noted that if the pregnant woman has a long time and the back pain is very serious, then we still have to go to the hospital in time, because this may be caused by other reasons, such as premature birth.We can first try these simple methods mentioned above to relieve. If there are continuous pain or more painful pain, we must go to the hospital in time.

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